Are Black Jack Boots Made in the usa?

Are Black Jack Boots Made in the usa?

Black Jack Boots are proudly made by hand in the USA and have been since 1996. Black Jack Boots take great pride in presenting their customers with the finest handmade boots in the industry.

Who started black jack boots?

Jerry Guerra
Black Jack Boots was founded in El Paso, Texas in 1996 by 3rd generation boot maker Jerry Guerra. After a long career in the boot business and recognizing the importance of quality, Guerra decided to start his own company: Black Jack Boots.

Where are black jack cowboy boots made?

Made in El Paso, Texas by Black Jack Boots.

Are black jack boots true to size?

Black Jack Boots for Pinto Ranch: Black Jack fits similar to Lucchese and are true to size.

Where are Abilene boots made?

the US
Abilene boots have been made exclusively in the US since 1980. Our commitment to the production of “Affordable Quality” boots made in the USA is as strong today as it was over 40 years ago. As a result, Abilene offers one of the very few western boots still made in America today.

What is ranch hand leather?

Ranch Hand leather is a warm, copper brown with a slight pull-up. The leather has a slightly distressed grain, moderately soft hand, and some stretch. With a color reminiscent of antique saddles and a soft touch, this leather is highly desirable for a vintage look and luxurious finished product.

Where are Hondo boots made?

Their totally handcrafted boots, made just south of the border in Mexico, are a deliberate rejection of mechanization in order to produce an all leather boot of superior durability and comfort.

What are tall cowboy boots called?

They have a very tall shaft (more than 14 inches high); a “saddle,” which is an extra piece of leather across the vamp; and, often, holes in the scallop that help the wearer pull them on. One reason the Buckaroo boot is so fancy is that it has a higher heel than even the Western boot (upwards of 2 inches).

What are buckaroo boots?

Besides the tall top, Buckaroo boots often feature an extra layer of leather over the vamp called a saddle. The saddle protects the top of the foot from spur straps. The boot’s tall heels feature a spur ridge or shelf to support a spur.