Are giesswein slippers any good?

Are giesswein slippers any good?

They are excellent. Straight away they are comfortable and fit perfectly . Very well made, soft yet durable. Well recommended and this will not be the first time I will buy Giesswein footwear.

Do Giesswein shoes stretch?

Our shoes are all medium width. Even if your feet tend to run wide, our merino textile will stretch to your foot.

Is giesswein a German company?

REVIEW – Giesswein (pronounced geese vine) is an Austrian company who has been in the shoe business since 1954.

Do giesswein slippers have arch support?

Added Benefits of Giesswein House Shoes Giesswein has multiple pairs of supportive slippers for men, and supportive slippers for women. With arch supports and natural rubber soles, these wool slippers are perfect to keep you comfy whatever you’re doing.

Where are Giesswein shoes made?

Our Merino Shoes are MADE IN AUSTRIA, and are assembled in Vietnam or China. Our unique Giesswein “3D Stretch Merino Wool” fabric, which is used in our Merino Shoes, is made in our textile production facility in Brixlegg, Tyrol, Austria.

Are Giesswein slippers itchy?

Giesswein footwear makes use of the merino wool which isn’t itchy.

Where is giesswein shoes made?

Are giesswein sneakers good?

Essentially, wool shoes are comfortable and easy to wear all year round. If you haven’t yet heard of Giesswein, they’re a third-generation family-owned European company that makes sustainable and comfortable slippers, shoes, and sneakers from their signature wool. Plus, the shoes look good.

Where are giesswein shoes manufactured?

Who owns giesswein shoes?

Markus and Johannes Giesswein
Today, GIESSWEIN is still a 100% family-owned company. Markus and Johannes Giesswein are presently at the helm of production—they’re the third generation of the Giesswein family to run the company.

Are giesswein slippers itchy?

Can you wash giesswein?

+ Can I wash Giesswein products? Yes, they can be machine washed at a maximum temperature of 30°C (85° F.)

Are Merino runners good?

Well… they fit perfectly keep your shoes from retaining moisture, they keep your shoes odour free as they are antibacterial and Merino wool is also temperature regulating which is perfect for any form of exercise.

Where are giesswein slippers made?

Are giesswein shoes comfortable?

They are comfortable and supportive. (They do come up big, so size down). Giesswein have several other products, most notably, their range of beautiful & comfortable flats that are made from recycled ocean plastics! Also, their Sneakers are so light, they are perfect for summer.

When was giesswein founded?

ABOUT GIESSWEIN: Founded in 1954 by Walter and Elisabeth Giesswein in the mountains of Tirol, Austria, Giesswein quickly grew from sweaters made for friends and family to a global company know for quality and tradition in boiled wool footwear and clothing.

Where are giesswein shoes made?

Is Vessi or Allbirds better?

Also, Vessi waterproof shoes are way more breathable and ultra-lightweight compare to the traditional waterproof footwear alternatives such as rubber boots. In comparison, Allbirds Mizzles are just water-resistant. Not waterproof.

Where is giesswein located?

WOOL REDEFINED – MADE IN AUSTRIA. Founded as a family business and run by the third generation, we, Markus and Johannes Giesswein have been dealing with wool since childhood. We have made it our mission to reinvent the positive attributes of wool to create unique products.

Where is giesswein manufactured?

Where are Giesswein products made? Our unique materials and products are developed and designed in Brixlegg, which lies in Austria’s Alpine region called Tyrol. It’s here at our production site that our wool is knitted, boiled and softened until reaching its final stage: fine, high-quality Giesswein materials.