Are supercharged jet skis more maintenance?

Are supercharged jet skis more maintenance?

More air allows the engine to consume more fuel, which results in more power and much better acceleration. On the other hand, jet ski superchargers also mean significantly higher fuel consumption, more maintenance, and a greater chance of failure.

How long does a supercharged Sea-Doo last?

Don’t forget, on many Sea-Doos the supercharger has to be rebuilt every second year (or 100 hours), but you can consider rebuilding it every year. The costs may vary among dealers, so don’t hesitate to ask your dealerships for the supercharger rebuild costs. 2.

How long do supercharged jet skis last?

When it comes to engine hours, first and foremost, you want to ask the question: How many hours does a jet ski engine last? As a rule of thumb, the 2-stroke jet ski engines last around 200-300 hours, while the 4-stroke jet ski engines last around 300-500 hours.

How fast does a supercharged jet ski go?

They can reach a top speed of around 53 mph. Yamaha’s luxury WaveRunners, the FX series, arrive with supercharged and non-supercharged engines as well. The non-supercharged Waverunners, like the FX HO or the FX Cruiser HO, can run even 63 mph, while the supercharged FX SVHO Line can run as fast as 67 mph.

How often do you have to rebuild Sea-Doo supercharger?

Supercharger Maintenance – What Sea-Doo Says 2003 to 2011 – If the supercharger has never been rebuilt or rebuilt before 2009, get it done now. If you had the supercharger rebuilt between 2009 to 2011, then get it rebuilt before 100 hours. If rebuilt after 2012, rebuild it every 200 hours.

What is considered high hours on a Sea-Doo?

On average a jet ski should have approximately 30 hours a year. Anything more than 30 hours per year is considered “high hours”. What is this? Most jet ski models have a lifespan of approximately 300 hours, but if properly maintained they can last much longer.

How much does it cost to have a supercharger rebuild?

The Best in Auto Repair The average cost for supercharger assembly replacement is between $2,293 and $2,408. Labor costs are estimated between $437 and $551 while parts are priced at $1,857.

Which Sea-Doos are supercharged?

The most powerful engine on a Sea-Doo, ever. The Rotax® 1630 ACE™ – 300 is the most powerful Rotax® engine ever, delivering high efficiency and the best-in-class acceleration with a supercharged thrill factor.