Are TOTO washlets worth it?

Are TOTO washlets worth it?

After testing more than 16 bidet seats and washlets in at least three homes since 2016, we’re sure the Toto Washlet C5 strikes just the right balance of features, price, and usability. Most people agree their experience with this bidet is excellent, whether they’ve used a bidet for years or are new users.

What is the difference between TOTO washlets?

The main difference between the two series is the dimensions of the toilet seat. The Toto washlet S300e models were the original premium offering and were made to fit round toilet seats. The S500e models are newer and have been designed to fit elongated toilet seats.

Is TOTO a good bidet?

The Toto Washlet K300 combines superior comfort and performance with unlimited, instant warm water. Featuring all the bells and whistles you could ever want in a bidet, the K300 is expensive but undoubtedly the best bidet we tested.

What toilets are compatible with TOTO WASHLET?

In terms of two-piece, elongated toilets, the TOTO S550e is compatible with:

  • Aquia I / II.
  • Aquia IV.
  • Clayton.
  • Connelly.
  • Dartmouth.
  • Drake.
  • Drake II / II 1G.
  • Maris.

What is the newest Toto Washlet?

NEW WASHLET® K300 – Elongated Ecology-minded luxury in a slim design, this WASHLET features warm water cleansing, built-in deodorizer and a heated seat.

Does the Toto Washlet have an enema function?

If you combine the enema with the pulsing spray feature on most modern bidet toilet seats, you’ll find that it’s extra effective. Many feature the this enema, with one such example being the infamous Toto Washlet.

Do bidets clean your colon?

The Best Bidets with an Enema Function Allows water to penetrate the sphincters to loosen rectal contents (read: poop). The strong/narrow jet hits the sphincters causing them to contract, helping empty the colon.