Can you use your phone to pay on CTA?

Can you use your phone to pay on CTA?

Now, CTA and Pace riders will be able to simply tap their NFC-enabled Androidâ„¢ phone at CTA rail stations or aboard CTA or Pace buses to pay for rides using Ventra Card in Google Pay. Customers will not be required to carry a plastic Ventra card.

Does the Chicago Transit Authority have an app?

The Chicago Transit Authority, Metra and Pace today launched the new Ventra App, making the free app now available for download and use on Apple and Android smartphone and tablet devices via, the App Store and Google Play.

Can I use Ventra app on CTA?

Yes! You can now add a Ventra Card to Google Pay and then use the digital Ventra Card on your Android device to pay for CTA and Pace rides using transit value or passes.

Can I pay CTA with iPhone?

Use your iPhone or Apple Watch to pay your fare on CTA and Pace using transit value or passes.

How do I use the transit stop app?

Get Step-by-Step Directions with GO To start GO for a specific line, tap a line in the Main Screen and tap GO: Then, choose your desired destination stop: To start GO for a trip plan, tap GO in the trip plan detail screen: More info: What is GO crowdsourcing?

How do I use my phone as a Ventra?

Simply ‘wake up’ your Android device, then hold your phone at the Ventra reader and go when you see the green “Go.” There’s no need to carry a card, open an app or unlock your phone — it’s that easy!

Who owns the transit app?

Transit was developed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada by Sam Vermette and Guillaume Campagna. This app is meant to minimize the need for individuals to own vehicles in cities….Transit (app)

Developer(s) Transit
Initial release 2012
Operating system Android, iOS
Type GPS navigation software

Can Apple Pay be used for bus?

All users have to do is simply have their Apple Pay on their iPhone or Apple Watch at the ready, either by double tapping the lock button or the home button for older models, and they are good to go. Simply place the phone or watch near the card reader on buses and MRT trains, and your details will be scanned.