Can you wear a suit jacket with different colored pants?

Can you wear a suit jacket with different colored pants?

Yes! Not only is it okay to wear a different suit jacket than trousers, but it’s so common that there’s even a word for it: separates. Wearing “suit separates” essentially means that your trousers have a different color and/or style than your suit jacket.

What color sport coat do you wear with navy pants?

Neutral tones such as brown or gray match with navy quite nicely. The right shade of gray looks very stylish with navy pants. Go for a lighter hue and pair with a complementary pair of shoes and belt. Dark colors generally clash against navy.

What should I wear with grey blazer?

With a Striped Top and Blue Pants I love wearing a Breton stripe shirt with navy chinos and a gray blazer is a smart way to finish the look off. The colors go great together and overall it’s a smart, clean outfit. I also think the white base of the top means the white sneakers are the perfect choice to finish the look.

Can you wear blue pants with a grey blazer?

Grey jacket with blue navy pants: versatile and traditional As in the previous case, just interchange the colours to get another great classic: grey jacket and blue trousers. Once again the blue and white striped shirt will make the look lighter.

Can you mix and match blazer and pants?

It is ok to mix your suit jacket and pants, so long as you follow a few simple rules. Ensure the cut of the jacket and trousers match, for example, slim-cut with slim-cut, classic with classic. Then select two colors that complement each other well, and keep everything in between simple.

Can I wear a gray suit jacket with jeans?

So what colors and fabrics work well with dark colored denim? An orphaned suit jacket in solid navy blue, light gray, medium grey, true blue, flannels, small patterns like nailshead or birdseye, checks, and especially tweeds work well. Want more suit fabric ideas to wear with suits – click here to learn more!

How do you wear grey and blue?

Use Items with Both Colors Together The most sophisticated method to combine gray and blue with a suit and tie, however, is to choose items that contain both colors together. For example, you can wear a navy suit with a gray windowpane pattern.

What color pants go with a GREY blazer?

Wear your grey blazer with trousers in either matching grey, classic white or black, or a fashionable navy. Pair your grey blazer with chinos for a semi-formal style or jeans for a smart casual look.

Can you wear blue and grey together?

Grey and blue is such a versatile combo. You can go for a really contrasting scheme with light blue and a deep charcoal grey or create a really cohesive look where your colors blend so seamlessly you barely notice the difference between the two.

What color pants go with a grey blazer?

What colours go with grey jacket?

Mix and Match Your Grey Clothes

  • Grey and Red. If you want to go for a strong yet classic look, there’s no better combination than grey and red.
  • Grey and Pink. Another exceptional color combination is grey and pink.
  • Grey and Yellow.
  • Grey and Purple.
  • Grey and Green.
  • Grey and Black.
  • Grey and Grey.

Do navy blue and grey go together?

Grey and navy blue If you are looking for a color that effortlessly works with any grey shade, navy blue is it. Pair it with a soft, light grey to warm up the space or create some drama with a deep almost black grey.

What color shirt should I wear with navy blue pants?

Light blue shirts go really well with navy pants and you can add a further splash of color with a tie. You could even wear a navy shirt the navy was part of a pattern like stripes or checks.

What goes well with blue pants?

White Shirt and Navy Pants It’s the ideal combination to bring about an elegant monochrome style outfit. Top this off with a pair of your favorite loafers to match your belt, ideally in a dark or light-colored brown, and you’ve got a great look.