Who Saved Lawrence Lemieux?

Who Saved Lawrence Lemieux? Canadian sailor Lawrence Lemieux was in second place and poised to win an Olympic medal in the Finn class at Seoul 1988 when he abandoned the race to save Singapore pair Joseph Chan and Siew Shaw Her, competing in the 470 class, which was sharing the course. What did Lawrence Lemieux […]

What can you do with a biological oceanography degree?

What can you do with a biological oceanography degree? Recent Biological Oceanography Job Listings Perform data collection, analysis, and reporting of ocean environmental processes. Consider the ecological, biological, chemical, physical, and geological impact of marine life, and vice versa. Assist team scientists and engineers with project-related tasks. What do you mean by biological oceanography? Biological […]

What is a CSM in safety?

What is a CSM in safety? Contractor Safety Management (CSM) How do you become a health and safety manager? Any bachelor’s degree or diploma along with International Safety certifications like IOSH / NEBOSH, as well as a passion for the safety industry, are essential and the initial step towards a career in the safety field. […]

How is AI used for fraud?

How is AI used for fraud? Using machine learning, the accuracy of fraud scores improves over time. Fraud investigation: Machine learning algorithms can analyze hundreds of thousands of transactions per second. Neural networks take this capability a step further by making decisions in real time. What is ROC fraud management? ROC Fraud Management from Subex […]