Do I need SAS controller?

Do I need SAS controller?

Yes, you will need a sas hba/raid controller for this single expander backplane: the sata protocoll doesn’t “understand” how to talk to sas expanders. An 8 port hba/raid controller will work.

What is LSI SAS controller?

The LSI SAS 2008 is a 6.0gbs SAS 2 or SATA III based controller that features eight ports and native PCIe connectivity. In the forums we have maintained a LSI Controller Mapping between LSI controllers and their OEM counterparts.

What is LSI RAID controller?

A RAID controller is a hardware device or software program used to manage hard disk drives (HDDs) or solid-state drives (SSDs) in a computer or storage array so they work as a logical unit.

Can I plug a SATA drive into a SAS port?

SATA drives can be attached to a SAS port. Electrically, the SAS port is designed to allow attachment of a SATA drive, and will automatically run at SATA-appropriate voltages. Physically, the SAS backplane connector has an area that will allow either the gapless SAS or the gapped SATA connector to fit.

Will SATA drives work with SAS controller?

SAS controllers enable the use of SATA drives to expand the storage capacity with cost-effectiveness. The use of SATA hard drives on SAS controllers is made possible by the fact that both share the same infrastructure and have similar features. SATA drives may be plugged into SAS controllers.

What is a controller card?

In many business computers, there is a controller card already installed in the form of a chip, and this acts as the interface between the motherboard and other elements like a keyboard or a computer mouse.

Can a SAS drive be used on a SATA controller?

SATA drives may be plugged into SAS controllers. SAS drives cannot be plugged into SATA controllers.

Can I use a SATA SSD with a SAS controller?

What type of RAID controller is the MegaRAID SAS 9260-4i?

The MegaRAID SAS 9260-4i is a 6Gb/s, PCI-Express, low-profile RAID controller. It controls four internal SAS/SATA ports through one SFF-8087 Mini SAS 4i internal connector. The MegaRAID SAS 9260-8i is a 6Gb/s, PCI-Express, low-profile RAID controller.

What is included in the MegaRAID universal software suite CD?

The MegaRAID Universal Software Suite CD includes the software drivers for the supported operating systems, along with documentation. You can view the supported operating systems and download the latest drivers for RAID controllers from the LSI website at:

Can I connect the LSI intelligent battery backup unit 07 to raid?

Note:SATA II is the only type of SATA supported by these RAID controllers. You can connect the LSI intelligent Battery Backup Unit 07 (LSIiBBU07) directly to these RAID controllers. For more information about this battery, refer to the Intelligent Battery