Do you have to fit a magnetic filter for central heating?

Do you have to fit a magnetic filter for central heating?

Yes. If you have a new boiler or plan on getting one, you should look to have a magnetic filter fitted and a limescale inhibitor put through your system. This will ensure that from day one, you’re looking after your boiler and making the running of it more efficient.

Are magnetic boiler filters worth it?

We recognise that the answer to this question is a resounding yes. If you consider the level of damage and money that you’ve saved, getting a magnetic filter installed is definitely a no-brainer. Once you have it, you’ll be able to enjoy: A clean heating system free of sludge and iron oxide deposits.

What is a magnetic filter for central heating?

A magnetic filter is a device that collects debris build-up in a heating system. Cold radiators, strange boiler noises and even boiler leaks can be signs of sludge build up. Magnetic filters are usually fitted during the boiler installation, but can also be fitted onto an existing system.

Is a magnetic filter necessary?

Magnetic filters are most commonly added to a boiler during installation, they’re not essential but the installer may recommend having one. If you’d like to add a magnetic filter to your heating system but aren’t looking to replace your boiler then you can still have one fitted to your existing system.

How long does a magnetic filter last?

Magnetic filters can last for years as there aren’t moving parts within them. Most of these filters will last at least two years which is the lowest warranty period offered by most boiler filter manufacturers.

Does the MagnaClean go on the flow or return?

The instructions specify that the Magnaclean is installed on the return to the boiler after the last radiator and before any system filling/pressurisation point, next to the boiler was a good location for me. In order to make room for the Magnaclean to fit, the cold water filling loop needed to be raised.

What pipe does a Magnaclean go on?

A. We recommend installing MagnaClean Professional 28mm which has been designed for this purpose. MagnaClean Professional 28mm can also be installed onto 22mm pipework where greater sludge capacity is required.

Where should MagnaClean be fitted?

MagnaClean Professional is suitable for all central heating systems and can be fitted anywhere on the main heating circuit. In order to achieve the best protection for the boiler, it is recommended that MagnaClean Professional is fitted between the last radiator and the boiler (see diagram overleaf).

How often should a magnetic filter be empty?

around once per year
Your magnetic filter should be thoroughly cleaned around once per year. It’s important to do this regularly to prolong the life of your boiler. If you allow the filter to become full and clogged with debris and sludge, you’re risking a boiler breakdown.

Does the Magnaclean go on the flow or return?

How often should I clean MagnaClean?

How often does MagnaClean need to be serviced/cleaned? After initial installation and checking first pass capture of magnetite, usually once a year alongside the boiler service.

What happens if you don’t clean a MagnaClean?

Without a MagnaClean filter, metal particles that are in the water circulating in the boiler collect as sludge within the system and cause the black water you see when you bleed a radiator.

What happens if you don’t clean your MagnaClean?

How long does a MagnaClean filter last?

Most of these filters will last at least two years on your boiler system, and some up to 10 years.