Does Apexi Power FC have Boost control?

Does Apexi Power FC have Boost control?

Simple connection to the Power FC allows the user to access a full self-learning boost controller. The Power FC allows up to 4 different boost presets for any stage of driving. The high grade solenoid valve is the same one used in our Super AVC-R boost controller.

Is a Apexi Power FC a standalone ECU?

The Apexi Power FC is a complete, stand alone, total engine management system ECU available for purchase for almost all Japanese performance vehicles.

What can you do with Apexi Power FC?

The Apexi PowerFC is purely an injector and ignition driver but is it suited around specific car models to suit their sensors and control signals. It is possible to make it work on other unlisted models or cars but it would require extensive re-wiring and/or sensor matching to make it work.

What does a Apexi SAFC do?

APEXi SAFC II Modifies air-flow meter signal (pressure signal in some vehicles) to optimize fuel-air ratio; Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD). The second-generation SAFC is a fuel computer that adjusts fuel/air ratio by modifying the air-flow meter/MAP sensor signal.

Is the Apexi Power FC Universal?

The Power-FC is Apex’s solution to all of your tuning needs and stands as the flagship tuning device in the APEXi lineup of electronics….Description.

Part Number 415-A030
Make Universal
Notes Cord Length~ 210cm
Power FC Compatibility All Power FC Models

Can you turbo a car with a stock ECU?

When you turbocharge a car you need to add fuel and retard the timing. These pieces allow you to do this with the stock ecu and stock fuel injectors.

What is a piggyback ECU?

Piggyback tuning Computers/Controllers – Piggyback style controllers intercept signals to/from the factory computer and modify them to achieve the desired tuning result. Used when reflashing is not possible and use of a standalone ECU is not possible to retain required OEM functions.

Can you run turbo without tune?

Unfortunately yes. Car will run fine under normal condition with no tune , but pressing more than half throttle will be lean and not safe. Also, adding the turbocharger is a nice addition to the performance, but lets say that tuning the car with that turbo is what will give you most of your performance gain!