For what Sonipat famous?

For what Sonipat famous?

The main attraction of Sonipat is the tomb of Khwaja Khizr. The tomb is the final resting place of the saint and son of Darya Khan, who is believed to have lived during the rule of Ibrahim Lodhi. The tomb, which was built between 1522 and 1525 AD, sits on an elevated platform.

Who is SSP Sonipat?

Sonipat Officials

Name Designation Phone
Sh. Himanshu Garg, IPS Superintendent of Police, Sonipat 0130-2222904
Sh. Shantanu Sharma, IAS Additional Deputy Commissioner, Sonipat 0130-2222700
Dr. Anmol, HCS City Magistrate, Sonipat 0130-2220638
Sh. Shashi Vasundhra, HCS Sub Divisional Magistrate, Sonipat 0130-2222100

Is Sonepat and Sonipat same?

It comes under the National Capital Region and is around 44 kilometres (27 mi) from New Delhi….

State Haryana
Division Rohtak
District Sonipat

Who is the DC of Sonipat?

Shyam Lal Punia will be new Deputy Commissioner of Sonipat while Narhari Singh Banger has been appointed as Fatehabad’s Deputy Commissioner.

How did Sonipat get its name?

Sonipat name is derived from the word Sonpat which means in Sanskrit language the suvarna prastha (gold place). One popular tradition avers that it is one of the five patas or prasthas (Indraprastha, Panipat, Talpat, Bhaghpat and Sonipat) mentioned in the Mahabharata which Yudhishthira demanded from Duryodhana.

What is the official language of Haryana?

Haryanvi being the state language and most of the Headquarters of main office of Haryana lies here, it gets very imperative that a large chunk of Haryanvi come here on postings or settle here. Hence the Haryanvi Language is widely spoken and understood here. English is also prevalent.

Who is DG vigilance Haryana?

Sh. Shatrujeet Kapur
Contact Number of Officers/ HQ

Name Designation Landline No
Sh. Shatrujeet Kapur, IPS DG/SVB, Haryana 0172-2970218
Sh. Ajay Singhal, IPS ADGP/SVB/HQ 0172-2970237
Sh. Pankaj Nain, IPS DIG/SVB/HQ
Sh. Ashok Kumar, IPS DIG/SVB/HQ (Additional Charge)

Is Sonipat a part of Delhi NCR?

That 1985 Act defined the NCR as being the whole of Delhi; the Haryana districts of Gurgaon, Faridabad and Sonipat, Rohtak (then including Jhajjar tehsil) and the Rewari tehsil then in Mahendragarh district; and the Uttar Pradesh districts of Bulandshahr, Muzaffarnagar, Meerut (then including Baghpat tehsil), and …

Who is tehsildar of Sonipat?

Tehsil Office

Name Designation Landline No
Tehsildr, Kharkhoda. Tehsildr, Kharkhoda. 0130-2235330
Naib Tehsildar, Rai Naib Tehsildar, Rai 0130-2240413
Naib Tehsildar, Ganaur Naib Tehsildar, Ganaur 0130-2460080
Tehsildar Gohana Tehsildar Gohana 01263-252019

Who is the IG of Haryana police?

Sh. Jagjit Singh, IG | Haryana Prisons, Government of Haryana,India.

Is Sonipat developed city?

And one such fast-developing region is the Sonipat-Kundli region in Haryana. In fact, the Sonipat-Kundli region has developed so fast in the past few years that some industry observers have already started viewing this region as the next Gurgaon in the state.