Have Spain qualified for the World Cup?

Have Spain qualified for the World Cup?

The group winner, Spain, qualified directly for the World Cup finals, while the runner-up, Sweden, advanced to the second round (play-offs)….Standings.

Team Spain
Pts 19
Qualification Qualification to 2022 FIFA World Cup

Does France automatically qualify for 2022 World Cup?

Qualified teams

Team Method of qualification Date of qualification
Brazil CONMEBOL winners 11 November 2021
France UEFA Group D winners 13 November 2021
Belgium UEFA Group E winners 13 November 2021
Croatia UEFA Group H winners 14 November 2021

Has South Korea qualified for World Cup 2022?

Group winners and runners-up will qualify for the World Cup. IR Iran were the first to qualify in January 2022, quickly followed by South Korea. From Group B, Saudi Arabia and Japan qualified.

Who already made it to the World Cup 2022?

World Cup 2022 qualified teams

Team Association Date qualified
Saudi Arabia AFC March 24, 2022
Ecuador CONMEBOL March 24, 2022
Uruguay CONMEBOL March 24, 2022
Canada CONCACAF March 27, 2022

Has Japan qualified for the world Cup?

After perhaps the most unconventional, daunting and frustrating qualifying campaign in team history, Samurai Blue have qualified for a seventh straight FIFA World Cup.

How many spots does each continent get in the World Cup?

Qualification spots by continent

1930 2018
North and Central America and Caribbean 2 inv 3.5
South America H+ 6 inv 4.5
Total spots 13 32
Teams in the finals

Did italy qualify for World Cup 2022?

FIFA Should Change Qualification Rules, It’s ‘Crazy’ Italy Won’t Be At World Cup 2022: Roberto Baggio. Italy won the Euro 2022 to become the European champions, but they failed to qualify for the World Cup for 2nd successive time.