How can I find my flight itinerary?

How can I find my flight itinerary?

If not, you can go to the airline website and find it under your trips (many airlines have a section, often called “manage booking” or “my trips” or something similar, where you can pull up your itinerary by inputting your name and confirmation number).

Do I need to print flight itinerary?

You don’t need a printed ticket or itinerary as “proof”. If you check in online you can print your boarding pass or get it printed for you at the airport. Or just turn up at the airport and present your passport to be scanned at check in, this will retrieve your booking and enable your boarding pass to be printed.

Is a itinerary my ticket?

To paraphrase a little, an itinerary is a list of flights you are presently booked on. A ticket is a contract entitling you to travel.

What do I need to print out for my flight?

Airport: Print your boarding pass at the airport at one of the self-service kiosks, or at the check-in counter. All you need to bring is your confirmation code, confirmation email, credit card and ID, or passport.

Do you need printed documents to fly?

To Print Or Not To Print Your Travel Documents? Overall, the main thing to do is to check with the company. Some airlines and airports are making it so you do not need a boarding pass printed, but buses and trains tend to still require them. Visas, I would err on the side of caution and have a copy any way.

How do I print my e-ticket itinerary receipt?

How do I print my e-ticket itinerary/receipt from my computer?

  1. To print an e-ticket itinerary / receipt, open the reservation overview page for the reservation that you want to print.
  2. Click [Print e-ticket itinerary / receipt].
  3. ( A new window opens ) Select the passengers to print and then click [Print].
  4. Click [Print].

How to print Jetstar itinerary from email?

Re: Printing JetStar Itinerary’s open the email – go file print and then print to pdf and save it that way. Or you can just save the email message on your usb stick

How do I resend my Itinerary to the airline?

You’ll need to provide your booking reference number, and either your last name or the email address you used. Once you’re in manage booking, you can find the ‘Resend itinerary’ button under your flight details.

Why was my Itinerary sent to my travel agent?

In some cases, itineraries may have been sent to your travel agent depending on the email used during booking. Please contact your travel agent or check the website where you made your booking to retrieve your itinerary.