How can I follow up loan in GSIS?

How can I follow up loan in GSIS?

Simply text 4747 and get instant information about your membership, loans, retirement, and many more. Open to all Globe, Smart, Touch Mobile, and Talk ‘N Text subscribers. …and send to 4747. (Note: Your GSIS ID number is the 11-digit number located below your name in your GSIS eCard Plus).

How do you open eGSISMO?

To unlock your locked account:

  1. From eGSISMO Login Page, Click on the “Unlock” link, you will then be redirected to Forgot Password Page.
  2. In Forgot Password page, Enter Your BP Number.
  3. Click Confirm.
  4. Answer both Security Questions.
  5. Click Confirm, You will be notified that your new password has been sent to your email.

What is MPL in GSIS?

Multi-purpose Loan
The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) will open on April 23 the Multi-purpose Loan (MPL) Plus program that offers a credit limit of P5 million. It also extended the maximum payment term to 10 years and relaxed the borrowers’ eligibility requirements.

How do I pay my GSIS loan online?

Once they have accessed their account, select “GSIS Service Loans” and the “Type of Loan”. Input the borrower’s GSIS Business Partner (BP) Number, last name, mobile number, email address, and amount to be paid then click the “PAY” button.

What is the email address of GSIS?

Email – ‪[email protected]‬ 3. GSIS…

How do I contact GSIS?

To call the GSIS Contact Center, members and pensioners within Metro Manila should now dial 8-847-4747. For international calls, the new number is (632) 8-847-4747.

How can I check my GSIS loan?

To confirm your loan application, place selected finger on the biometric scanner. Your loan will be forwarded to your Agency Authorized Officer (AAO) for approval/disapproval. Wait for a text message notifying you of the status of your loan application.

When can I renew my GSIS MPL?

The MPL may be renewed anytime as long as there are net proceeds on the loan renewal, after deducting the outstanding balances of the previous MPL and other loans enumerated under Item 2 of this application, with the penalties if any.

How do I pay my GSIS MPL loan online?

How can I pay GSIS Conso loan?

Members may pay at the nearest Bayad Centers and fill out a Bayad Form with their full name, business partner (BP) number, loan type, payment amount and date, and mobile number. The validated Bayad Form will serve as proof of payment and may view their payments through their eGSISMO accounts.

When can I renew my GSIS loan?

Members with existing Conso-Loan accounts may apply for renewal if they wish to avail of the loan program. They may renew their Conso-Loan any time as long as there are proceeds after deducting the outstanding balance of their loan accounts.

How do I email GSIS loan?

All members and pensioners based in the National Capital Region, including Quezon City, Rizal and Cavite, are advised to use the new email address for our online services: [email protected]. GSIS online services include loan applications (Conso-Loan, Policy Loan and Emergency Loan) during the ECQ period.

How do I call GSIS from my cell phone?

GSIS’s new telephone numbers within the area code 02 are as follows: To call the GSIS Contact Center, members and pensioners within Metro Manila should now dial 8-847-4747.

Can I pay my GSIS loan in advance?

Bayad Center Bayad now accepts payments for GSIS members with the following: loans in advance.

Can I pay GSIS loan online?

To bring Ginhawa for All – GSIS now accepts loan payments online via partner banks.

Can I pay my GSIS loan online?

How do I pay arrears in GSIS?

How do I pay my GSIS loan regular policy?

Where can I email GSIS?

For more information, contact the GSIS through [email protected].

When are loan payments sent to GSIS?

Within the first 10 days of the month , the agency shall remit loan payments deducted from the member’s salary, following the month in which the deductions were made. All payments on loans are submitted to GSIS using the Electronic Remittance File (ERF) form. GSIS also issues a monthly collection notice every 30 days.

What types of loans does GSIS offer?

GSIS offers various loans to assist members with their financial needs: Consolidated Loan, Policy Loan and Emergency Loan. Members and pensioners may apply for these loans using their GSIS eCard through the GWAPS kiosks located in all GSIS branches, selected government agencies and Robinsons Malls.

What is GSIS monthly contribution in the Philippines?

The government insurance institution in the Philippines that takes care of the insurance of the Filipinos working in the public sector is the GSIS. The membership to the said social insurance institution requires a member to pay for the GSIS Monthly Contribution to be eligible for the privileges and benefits it offers.

How do I contact the GSIS?

For other details, interested parties may visit the GSIS website, or Facebook account,; email [email protected]; or call the GSIS Contact Center at 8847-4747 (if in Metro Manila), 1-800-8-847-4747 (for Globe and TM subscribers), and 1-800-10-847-4747 (for Smart, Sun, and Talk ‘N Text subscribers).