How did Lani Misalucha became famous?

How did Lani Misalucha became famous?

It was in 1996 that Lani became a break through artist in the Philippine recording scene, when, with only two singles to ride on, Lani bagged a Record of the Year award and twelve nominations for her first album “More than I Should”, released by Alpha Records.

Who is the husband of Lani Misalucha?

Noli MisaluchaLani Misalucha / Husband

Where is Lani Misalucha from?

Manila, PhilippinesLani Misalucha / Place of birth

What happened Lani Misalucha?

Partially deaf Lani Misalucha ready to hold full concert series ‘Timeless Seasons’ “Kakayanin.” Thus said singer Lani Misalucha when asked if she was ready to do a full concert even if she’s still dealing with the lingering effects of bacterial meningitis, which caused deafness on the singer’s right ear.

Who is the nightingale of the Philippines?

Lani Misalucha, the Philippines’“Nightingale”serenaded the Filipinos in Geneva during her benefit concert held at the Salle Communale – 64 Route De Grand Lancy on May 14.

What is Lani Misalucha vocal range?

three octave range
With her amazing three octave range, fully seasoned voice, and an arousing “vocal explosion of energy,” she can belt out a song that most other singers can only dream about. She is one of the hottest corporate entertainers in the world today.

Is Lani Misalucha deaf?

Is Jed Madela a Filipino?

Jed Madela is a Filipino Artist and TV host. He became the first Filipino to win the WCOPA World Grand Champion Title, and is known with a uniquely wide vocal range.

How does meningitis work?

Meningitis is an inflammation (swelling) of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord. A bacterial or viral infection of the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord usually causes the swelling. However, injuries, cancer, certain drugs, and other types of infections also can cause meningitis.

How did nursing start in Philippines?

During the American period in the Philippines, Filipino women were given the chance to become educated as nurses, guided by their American nurse and missionary mentors, until nursing became a full-pledged profession in the Philippines, a professional career not only for modern-day women in the country but also for men …