How do I check my fees at UKZN?

How do I check my fees at UKZN?

Fee Statement Balances

  1. Click on the Self-Help tab and choose Student i-Enabler.
  2. Click on Student Enquiry (Tab to the left).
  3. Click on Summarise Statement of Account.
  4. Your fee balance will appear. Click on FEE to get your full statement.

How much is registration fee at UKZN?

The acceptance of offer fee for 2021 has remained unchanged and amounts to R250 for all first-time entry students. The required 2021 registration fees are as follows: Local students registering for tuition only: R4,000. Local students registering for both tuition and residence: R7,000.

Which courses are still available at UKZN for 2021?

UKZN part time courses offered

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and Supply Chain Management.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Management.
  • Doctor of Public Administration (DAdmin)
  • Master Of Commerce In Marketing.
  • Master of Commerce In Management.

Are walk in allowed in UKZN?

No walk-ins will be allowed on all UKZN campuses.

How much is the registration fee at UKZN for 2022?

The Registration fees for the year 2022 is R3750 (subject to changes). All students are required to obtain financial clearance in order to register. Financial clearance can be obtained in more than one manner. Students without financial clearance must complete academic registration.

How many points does UKZN need?

The minimum points required for a majority of our qualifications is 28 points.

What level is LLB?

The LLB is a three-year higher education qualifying law degree which leads to the next stage in training to enter the legal profession: either the LPC for solicitors (soon to be replaced by the SQE) or the BPTC for barristers.

How much is book allowance at UKZN?

If they decide to accept the offer, they must pay a R250 (for 2019) acceptance of offer fee/deposit to UKZN in order to secure their place….Types of Funding.

Fees and Allowances R
Average tuition fees R 34 000
Residence fees R 38 690
Meals allowance R 27 500
Book allowance R 11 000

How much is the NSFAS allowance for 2022 UKZN?

A living allowance of R15,000. A personal care allowance of R2,900.