How do I get my bond money back in Louisville Ky?

How do I get my bond money back in Louisville Ky?

If you have posted a property bond, you do not need to return to the office as the lien will be automatically released. You must have a government-issued photo ID and your receipt to get the bond refunded. You can have your bond refund mailed to you.

What does a surety bond protect?

Surety bonds can be used to ensure that government contracts are completed, cover losses arising from a court case or protect a company from employee dishonesty.

Is Kentucky a no bond state?

Kentucky was actually the first state in the nation to abolish for-profit bail bonding in 1976. Kentucky is one of only a few states that has outlawed bail bondsmen and private commercial bail bonds.

Can a surety be charged?

they may be charged with another criminal offence. you may have to pay the money you pledged or deposited as the surety.

Do you get your bail back if proven innocent?

The refunding of your bail money is not affected by whether you are found guilty or not guilty in your criminal case. However, if your bail was revoked for a breach of bail conditions or you failed to appear in court on one or more occasions, it is likely that this money or security will be forfeited.

Where do I get a surety bond in Kentucky?

Payment and Performance Administrator/Executor Bond Conservator/Guardian Minor Where Do I Get a Surety Bond in Kentucky? is licensed to write all Kentucky Surety Bonds and has the bond you need. Our Surety Bond Specialists in most cases can get you bonded quickly and easily.

What is the Kentucky bail bond Directory?

Our bail bond directory helps you learn about the bail bond process in Kentucky so you can get in touch with the right people in order to get your loved one out of jail. We answer many important questions on how bail bonds work in Kentucky and how much bail bonds cost. How do bail bonds work in Kentucky? How much is bail in Kentucky?

How do I obtain inmate records in Kentucky?

Persons who wish to obtain inmate records in Kentucky must contact the record custodian at the correctional facility where the inmate is serving time. Inmate records are considered public in the United States and therefore are made available by both traditional governmental agencies as well as third-party websites and organizations.

How long does it take to get bail in Kentucky?

The jail serves the role of a bail bondsman, so you won’t need to contact a commercial bail bond company to be released in Kentucky. In Kentucky, the state will take a non-refundable 10% payment for your bail amount and you can be released from jail. The processing time typically can take anywhere from one to two hours to be completed.