How do I log into my SMC modem?

How do I log into my SMC modem?

Changing passwords on your SMC Wireless Modem

  1. Navigate to the SMC Admin Console by typing 192.168. 0.1 in your internet browser (at the top of your page).
  2. Log In with the following information: Username: cusadmin.
  3. Select Wireless.
  4. Choose Encryption.
  5. Enter the desired password into the Pre-Shared Key field.
  6. Select Apply.

How do I reset my SMC router?

To hard reset the router, you need to unplug all the cables from the back of your SMC router, except its power cable.

  1. While the router is ON, press and hold its RESET button using a pin or a paper clip for 10-15 seconds.
  2. After (10 seconds), while you are holding the reset button, unplug its power cable for 15 seconds.

What is the default password for SMC router?

The default username for your SMC router is admin. The default password is smcadmin. Enter the username & password, hit “Enter” and now you should see the control panel of your router.

What is my Shaw Gateway password?

Enter the following information: Username: cusadmin. Password: This information is located on the white sticker on the top or side of your modem.

How do I configure my SMC router?

How to Configure an SMC Router

  1. Plug an Ethernet cable into the back of any network computer and plug the other end into any port on the back of the SMC router.
  2. Open the Internet browser on the connected computer.
  3. Enter the default password for your SMC router, found in the instruction manual for your specific model.

How do I log into my gateway router?

Gateway Router Login

  1. Connect router cable to your Laptop or Computer. Alternatively use your wireless network.
  2. Open your web browser of choice and type IP address of your Gateway router in the address bar.
  3. Now enter the default username and password of your router by accessing the admin panel.

How do I login to Shaw?

You can access My Shaw through the website ( and through the My Shaw app (Apple App Store | Google Play Store). To log in and manage your account, you’ll need the primary account holder’s Shaw ID and password.

What is the Default Gateway password?

Default username & password combinations for Gateway routers

# Username Password
1 admin admin
2 (blank) admin

What is My Shaw ID and password?

You can reset your Shaw ID login information by visiting My Shaw and clicking on Forgot your Shaw ID or password? You will need to enter your email address under Recovery email. Once you click Reset password, check your email for instructions to reset your password.

What is My Shaw username and password?

How do I log into Shaw open?

Connecting to Shaw Go WiFi Open Settings. Select Wi-Fi. Select ShawOpen from the available networks. Complete your registration by signing in with your Shaw ID.

What is Shaw default password?

How do I log into Shaw Gateway?

Visit and sign in with your Shaw ID username and password. Alternatively, you can login to the Gateway via the Admin Tool to change settings that way. Note that some settings may not be available here, and must be changed in the BlueCurve Home app instead.