How do I reset my Nokia Lumia 1320?

How do I reset my Nokia Lumia 1320?

Find “about”

  1. Press Settings.
  2. Press about.
  3. Press reset your phone.
  4. Press yes to accept.
  5. Press yes to confirm. Wait a moment while the factory default settings are restored. Follow the instructions on the display to set up your phone and prepare it for use.

How do I create a Microsoft account on my Nokia Lumia 1320?

Find “email+accounts”

  1. Press Settings.
  2. Press email+accounts.
  3. Press add an account.
  4. Press Microsoft account.
  5. Press next.
  6. Press the field below “Microsoft account” and key in the email address for your Microsoft account.
  7. Press the field below “Password” and key in the password for your Microsoft account.
  8. Press sign in.

How do I create a Microsoft account for my Windows phone?

a Microsoft account yet, you can create one with your phone.

  1. On the start screen, swipe down from the top of the screen, and tap ALL SETTINGS > email.
  2. Tap Microsoft account.
  3. Create your Microsoft account.
  4. Fill in your account details.
  5. Type in your phone number or an alternative email address.

How do you unlock my phone using my computer?

Free download DroidKit on Windows or Mac computer and launch it > Choose the Screen Unlocker mode.

  1. Choose Screen Unlocker Function.
  2. Connect your Locked Phone.
  3. Click Remove Now Button.
  4. Confirm your Device Brand and Continue.
  5. Unlock Screen – Enter Recovery Mode.
  6. Lock Screen Removal Completed.
  7. Retrieve Data from Google Account.

How do I unlock my phone with a USB?

Here’s the guide:

  1. Connect the Locked Phone to PC. Install the program on your computer, launch it and connect your locked Android phone to the PC via USB.
  2. Select Your Phone Model. Click the “Unlock” > “Unlock Android Screen” icon.
  3. Unlock the Android Phone. – Follow the on-screen guide to enter into the Download Mode.

How do you fix a black screen on a Windows phone?


  1. Turn off your device.
  2. Hold down power button and volume down button until your device vibrates.
  3. You will see an exclamation mark after the Microsoft logo.
  4. Press these buttons one by one: Volume up.
  5. Your device will reboot and you will see two gears spinning.
  6. Set up your device and see if your problem is solved.

How do you reset a Cricket phone when its locked?

Step 1: Grab your AT Cricket. Step 2: Now, dial the code *2767*3855#. Step 3: After dialing the above code, you will see the option “Restore Factory Settings”. Step 4: Simply, choose the option in order to start the factory resetting process.