How do I set a default route in OSPF?

How do I set a default route in OSPF?

To generate a default route, you use the default-information originate command. This command presents two options: You can advertise 0.0. 0.0 into the OSPF domain, provided the advertising router already has a default route.

What is network command in OSPF?

The network command is used to identify which device interface will be included within the OSPF process and to what area the interface will be assigned to. The correct usage of the network command is vital for the operation of the OSPF network.

What is default information originate command in OSPF?

Configures OSPF to advertise the default route (0.0. 0.0/0) to its neighbors, regardless if it is present in the routing table or not. The no form of this command sets the OSPF administrative distance to the default of 110.

Which command is used to inject a default route into an OSPF area?

The use of a route map, map , tells the router to inject the default route if the route map’s conditions are met. For OSPF, this command tells an Autonomous System Border Router (ASBR) to inject a default route into the OSPF domain.

Which command will allow the router to advertise default static routes via OSPF?

Real World Application & Core Knowledge

Command Description
default-information originate This command is executed in OSPF router configuration mode to advertise the default route as a type 3 Summary LSA to only if a default route already exist in the routing table.

Which command is used to configure a default route?

The command to configure this default route is: RouterA(config)#ip route 0.0.

How do I enable OSPF on ISP?

To enable OSPF on a Cisco router and advertise interfaces, the following tasks are required:

  1. Use the command router ospf process ID to start OSPF.
  2. Use the network command to enable the interfaces.
  3. Identify area assignments.
  4. (Optional) Assign the router ID.