How do I stop a MTML package?

How do I stop a MTML package?

Please send us your number via inbox and we will deactivate it for you. If your wish to use a daily package without it to renew. Please send sms ” act oneday” on 8200 if will deactivate automatically after 24hrs.

How do I check my chili internet balance?

How can I check the balance of CHILI Prepaid Mobile?

  1. Dial *222# .
  2. You will receive and SMS with Balance and validity information.

How do I activate my myt package?

To activate, send “mca” on 8888 by SMS for registration. (SMS sent to 8888 is free of charge).

How do you recharge chili on Sims Online?

Dear Customer, to recharge your CHiLi Mobile, visit You can recharge your Mobile using all Credit cards and select Debit card. #Staysafe.

How much does data cost in Mauritius?

The average price for 1 GB of data in Mauritius is 0.75 USD, far below the African average of 5.80 USD. The world average is 4.07 USD.

How do I stop myt unlimited package?

Indeed, you will have to stop it manually as all our mobile packages are auto-renewed. To do so, kindly send stop 315 on 8684.

How do you recharge chili?

To recharge:

  1. Dial *111* enter 13 digit pin number followed by # and then press SEND/CALL button.
  2. You will receive a message confirming your new balance and its validity.

How do I cancel my chili package?

Now activate the MCA service and get notification of missed call when your phone is busy or switched off.

  1. Activate. Send SMS act mca to 8200 (toll free) from your CHILI mobile phone.
  2. Deactivate. To deactivate MCA, call our Call Centre or visit any Customer Service Centres and place your request.
  3. Charges.

How do I get unlimited packages on myt?

  1. Weekly Unlimited. 00GB. Rs 95. Send 95 by sms on 8684. Buy now.
  2. Monthly Unlimited. 00GB. Rs 315. Send 315 by sms on 8684. Buy now.
  3. 3-Month Unlimited. 00GB. Rs 815. Send 815 by sms on 8684. Buy now.

How do I add monthly to myt?

Rs 815

  1. To gift a 24H No Limit Data Pack. send gift 15 to 8684.
  2. To gift a Weekly Data Pack. send gift 95 to 8684.
  3. To gift a Monthly Data Pack. send gift 315 to 8684.
  4. To gift a 3-month Data Pack.

How do I stop my chili Internet package?

Which network is best in Mauritius?

Emtel has the best coverage in Mauritius. It has the best 4G/LTE reception – also on Rodrigues.

Does Mauritius have 5G network?

MyT Mobile, Mauritius Telecom (MT)’s mobile network, has launched the 5G services in the country one month after it obtained a 5G license for mobile telephony. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mauritius Telecom, Sherry Singh, stated that the operator is among the first to launch 5G in Africa.

How do I cancel my Orange internet package?

How to deactivate the internet on Orange

  1. Remove internet access on Orange using the “Parameters” and / or “Airplane” files.
  2. Via the graphical interface at the top of your Orange.
  3. Remove internet with a third-party app on Orange.

How do I cancel my chili Internet package?

How do you top up a chili SIM?

How do I buy data on Emtel?

All Unlimited Mobile internet packages can be activated through the following Modes:

  1. SMS: Send “SUB (Pack code)” to short code 8284.
  2. EPIN: Recharge exact package price at any Emtel shop.
  3. USSD: Dial *100# and select your pack as per your choice.
  4. Website: Click on “Buy Now” for your preferred pack.
  5. Emtel App.

How do I activate the internet on my Emtel SIM?

  1. Go to Menu> Settings> Connectivity> Settings> Destinations> Internet.
  2. Under “Internet”, click on “Options” and select “New access point”
  3. When the message “Automatically check for available access points” appears (if any), select “No”
  4. Click on “Packet data” and for Packet data access point name, enter Emtel Internet.