How do you get to the secret room in Soul Knight?

How do you get to the secret room in Soul Knight?

Entrance to the Secret Signal Room. Secret Signal Room can be accessed through the gallery in the Living Room. Its entrance is located above the sofa which Paladin and Knight are sitting, replacing the Gallery. However, it only has a chance to appear when the player enters the Living Room.

What does the gashapon machine do in Soul Knight?

The Gashapon Machine is an object found in the Living Room. . They work like Easter Eggs. These can prevent movement, though they can still be moved around until they are opened.

Where is the Redeem machine in Soul Knight?

the Workshop
The Redeem Machine is an object located in the Workshop, between the Computer and Robotics Facility.

What does Worshipping statues do in Soul Knight?

Gives the user and all allies nearby the Weapon Boost effect for 5 seconds. Restore 1 health for the user.

What is the secret code in Soul Knight?

Soul Knight Code 2022 – Secret Boost Codes JipxQl => Unlock new locations. PLsW6a => Play offline. VE2Xzx => Restore character’s health. klT9C0 => Secret boost.

How do you cheat on Soul Knight?

Soul Knight Codes (Secret Boost Codes / Cheats)

  1. bu3YcN – Get more gold.
  2. C21mKo – Instantly increase attack damage.
  3. JipxQl – Unlock new locations.
  4. PLsW6a – Play offline.
  5. VE2Xzx – Restore character’s health.
  6. klT9C0 – Secret boost.
  7. QPjKnR – Unlimited energy and ammo.
  8. u92SbI – Unlock all weapons.

What can you get from gashapon machine?

Gashapon is also used in the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series, the player earns yen by completing tasks, allowing them to put money in the machine; the more money the player puts in, the more likely they will get a gashapon. This system is used for getting miniature figurines, soundtracks, and collectible cards in-game.

What does Wishing Well do in Soul Knight?

The Wishing Well has a chance to give a random weapon of any rarity, items like seeds, blueprints and potions, or mostly nothing. The mechanic is very similar to the Naughty kids. It cannot give any weapons that do not spawn naturally (except for the Blue Fire Gatling).

What does feather of Valkyrie do Soul Knight?

Feather of Valkyrie is used for: Unlocking Boss Rush Mode. Getting 3 feathers for the first time is one of the conditions to unlock this mode. Playing Boss Rush Mode, where one feather is required to start a run.

What does the yellow ring do in Soul Knight?

Ring yellow: Gives the Armor Boost debuff to all players for 5 seconds, costing 8 energy. Has a cooldown of 8 seconds. When used, the user will instantly switch to their other weapon.

Does Soul Knight have cheats?

Soul Knight Codes (Secret Boost Codes / Cheats) C21mKo – Instantly increase attack damage. JipxQl – Unlock new locations. PLsW6a – Play offline. VE2Xzx – Restore character’s health.

Who’s the best character in Soul Knight?

Ranking Characters!

  • 1 Good Morining! This is my blog post ranking characters.
  • 2 15. Druid.
  • 3 14. Vampire.
  • 4 13. Assassin.
  • 5 12. Priest.
  • 6 11. Werewolf.
  • 7 10. Elf.
  • 8 9. Wizard.

Why is it called gachapon?

“Gashapon” is onomatopoeic from the two sounds “gasha” (or “gacha”) for the hand-cranking action of a toy-vending machine, and “pon” for the toy capsule landing in the collection tray. “Gashapon” is used for both the machines themselves and the toys obtained from them.

Is caliburn good soul knight?

Caliburn’s potential lies in the extremely lethal attacks fueled by its high critical chance. Its length can clear a larger area than most melees, and the penetrating shockwave deletes enemy projectiles in its way, giving the player more room to dodge than usual.

What is the fastest way to get gems in Soul Knight?


  1. Talking to the Mail Guy once a day.
  2. Watching advertisements at the Fridge.
  3. Buying them with real-world money.
  4. Luckily earning them from the Gashapon Machine.
  5. Planting and harvesting Gem Flowers (288 Gems) or Gem Trees (222 Gems)
  6. Completing and claiming the rewards of achievements and Task Board challenges.

What does the Nirvana Cross do Soul Knight?

What does the nirvana cross do? If you brings it with you as a weapon, it will then revive you upon your death.

What is the best weapon in Soul Knight?

Best weapon in your opinion | Fandom. Mine is Varkolyn Assault Rifle because: No energy cost for first mode and its pretty good. Second mode is extremely useful especially against elite enemies.

What is all code in Soul Knight?

Pro Game Guides updates the Soul Knight codes list each time new codes release for the title….Soul Knight Codes (Working)

SUPER5 Redeem for 555 Gems and x3 Free Trial Voucher
WIERD Redeem for x1 Iron Stone, x1 Timber, and 888 Gems
100000 Redeem for 500 Gems
SKGIFT Redeem for 500 Gems
SKNIGHT Redeem for 488 Gems

Does Death Note work on bosses?

Extra Weapon Buff – Since it does not work against bosses, the player will need a different weapon.