How do you log airtime?

How do you log airtime?

Signing In

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the same phone number that you use for your existing Airtime account.
  3. Click “Continue.”
  4. Enter the four-digit code that has been sent to your phone number via a text message (SMS) and click “Verify.”

How do you set up airtime?

How to program your first show with Airtime

  1. Set up your station and user.
  2. Set up the interface (user) timezone.
  3. Upload your media.
  4. Schedule your first show.
  5. Create your first playlist.
  6. Adding content to your show.
  7. Adding another DJ.
  8. Share your station’s stream URL!

Is airtime an app?

Airtime can be a decent Facetime alternative for Android phone users, as the app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Recent versions of the Airtime app also allow the ability to stream an Airtime chat session into Facebook Live.

Is the airtime app free?

Airtime, the group video-chatting service started in 2011 by Napster co-founder Sean Parker, is relaunching today as a free iOS and Android app. The app lets you create a room, invite others to join it, and then drop in any kind of media you like to experience it collectively with the group.

What is an airtime code?

When you provide us with your phone number during the sign-up process, we send a four-digit verification code to your phone in a text message (SMS). You then let us know that you received the code by entering it in the Airtime app. If you haven’t received your four-digit code, check out our troubleshooting guide.

How do you buy airtime on Telkom mobile?

dial *188*vouchernumber# to recharge.

What is airtime on phone?

Time spent communicating using a mobile phone. The time is tracked by wireless carriers (service providers) to determine billing charges. Usage includes sending or receiving calls and other wireless transmission such as faxes, e-mail or data files.

Does airtime work on Android?

Airtime is available for both iOS and Android devices.

How do I get an airtime pin?

On the Bills payment page, click on the Plus icon at the base of the page. When you click, VTU Recharge and Artime Pin options will pop up. Of course, you’ll select the Airtime PIN option. Just click on the displayed icon.

How do I use my airtime e pin?

Conversation. Step 4: Sell Airtime On the second page of your dashboard, click ‘Make Money’ Select ‘Airtime/Data Request’ Select airtime type (VTU or E-pin) and the account to debit Choose the network, amount, and recipient phone number Click “Continue” to complete the transaction.

What number do I call for airtime on Telkom?

To top up airtime on your phone dial *188*Voucher card number#.

Can I watch Netflix on airtime?

Airtime. The Airtime app (tagline: “distance, made social”) offers another way to watch simultaneously with friends (without Netflix).

What is airtime account?

Airtime Account means a notional account set up by the Service Provider to accrue credits owing to the Customer from which Airtime can be purchased from the Service Provider by the Customer.

What is an airtime payment?

What is airtime? An airtime top-up is a payment made by you, via WorldRemit, to send credit to a recipient’s pre-paid mobile phone plan. This enables them to use the telecom network to send text messages, make phone calls and use mobile data.