How do you make earbud holders?

How do you make earbud holders?

To create something simple, try a credit card, clothespins, or a piece of fabric to make an easy wrap—no sewing required! For something sturdier, try an empty mint container as an earphone cord holder. Once you finish making your holder, your earbuds will stay organized and tangle-free!

How do you tie headphone cords?

Place the plug end of your headphones under your middle and ring fingers. With your other hand, start wrapping the cord around your pointed fingers, crossing in the middle after each wrap. So, the cord will wrap around each finger from the same direction.

Can my dog hear my headphones?

There is no doubt dogs have great hearing, so the answer is probably yes. However, it’s probably not a good idea to put headphones on your dog. Since their hearing is so much more sensitive than ours, you could seriously damage their hearing with or without headphones – making it not encouraged.

How do you sleep with headphones without breaking them?

Sleeping on your back is the easiest way to wear headphones in bed because you’re not putting pressure on your ears. If you’re a side sleeper, consider getting a special pillow.

How do you make a simple headphone stand?


  1. Cut your 3/4″ plywood scraps to size.
  2. Using the wood glue, glue the 3 pieces of wood together to create a large block.
  3. Place the next piece on top of it.
  4. Clamp the three boards together.
  5. Let it dry overnight.
  6. After the glue is dry, print and cut out the headphone stand template.

Where should earbuds be stored?

15 Headphone and Earbud Storage Solutions That Really Work

  1. Mini Storage Tubs.
  2. Plastic Zipper Bags.
  3. Divided Organizer.
  4. Hanging Jewelry Organizer.
  5. Hardware Storage Box.
  6. Shoe Pocket Organizer.
  7. Magnetic Spice Containers.
  8. Mint Containers.

How can I make my headphone wire straight?

Grab the wire between your thumb and index finger. Keeping a mildly firm grip, slowly and thoroughly pass the wire through your fingers, moving from the base of your headphones to the end where the jack is. Repeating this process 2-3 times should significantly untwist your headphone wires.

How do you wear AirPods?

Wear your AirPods sideways or upside down. A quick and easy way to keep your AirPods from falling out is to just give them a little twist. Instead of putting them in your ears with the stems facing down, as usual, you can try turning them sideways or even upside down.

How do I use a binder clip as a headphone wrapper?

The video above demonstrates the simple process for using a binder clip as a handy headphone wrapper and clip, but just to lay it out: Open the clip and place the cord inside, then drop the earplugs into the mouth of the clip. (They should be loosely hanging in the clip.)

Can you store your headphones in a binder?

If you need a better way to store your headphones without them cluttering up your desk, reader Bruno Tagliani shares his solution: a tiny contraption built with nothing but two cheap binder clips.

What are some binder clip hacks for teachers?

Some binder clip hacks are simply made for teachers, and this is one of them. Use binder clips to hold multiple pages firmly in place while you cut them apart. Genius! 5. Use binder clips to label cubbies or mailboxes If you re-use your cubbies or mailboxes each year, you don’t want to put permanent labels on them.

What can I do with two big binder clips?

Two big binder clips are all you need to hang a set of headphones on the side of a desk or table. How easy is that? 12. Play binder clip bowling Classroom bowling is always a big hit, so we love this fun new twist! Make your own “pins” from heavy card stock, or buy a set from Teachers Pay Teachers. 13. Put together a string keeper bowl