How do you ship a live animal internationally?

How do you ship a live animal internationally?

What to know about shipping animals overseas with care

  1. The travel crate.
  2. The airfare.
  3. Transportation to and from the airport.
  4. Pre-move vet visits.
  5. International health documents and import permits.
  6. Government endorsements.
  7. Customs fees.
  8. Quarantine fees.

Can you bring live animals on a plane?

A pet may be transported as baggage if accompanied on the same flight to the same destination. Some air carriers may impose a special fee or “excess baggage” charge for this service. Pets may be shipped as cargo if unaccompanied, and many airline cargo departments employ specialists in the movement of animals.

How much does it cost to ship a live animal?

The average cost to ship an animal is $2.00 per mile for shorter distance transport and $1.30 for longer distance transport. To get a closer look at what your animal shipping may cost, check out our cost to ship page.

What does AVIH stand for in aviation?

Definition. LATAM allows the transport of dogs and cats in the aircraft hold (AVIH) when associated to a passenger.

Can live animals be shipped?

Accepted and Prohibited Live Animals Live Animals that are prohibited from being shipped and are not accepted for transportation include, but are not limited to: Any poisonous, venomous or threatening animal.

How do you fly with animals?

A pet traveling in cabin must be carried in an approved hard-sided or soft-sided kennel. The kennel must fit completely under the seat in front of you and remain there at all times. The maximum dimensions for hard-sided kennels are 17.5 inches long x 12 inches wide x 7.5 inches high (44 cm x 30 cm x 19 cm).

How are animals shipped by air?

No matter what kind of pet you have, you’ll need an airline-approved travel crate and ideally your pet is used to spending time in it. For large pets or species like reptiles, fish, or small mammals, custom travel crates may be needed. Book your pet’s flight on a pet friendly airline.

What companies ship live animals?

7 Best Pet Shipping Companies

  • uShip.
  • Air Animal Pet Movers.
  • Starwood Animal Transport.
  • Airpets International.
  • Blue Collar Pet Transport.
  • Royal Paws.
  • Happy Tails Travel, Inc.

What is IATA Lar?

The IATA Live Animals Regulations (LAR) are the worldwide standard for transporting live animals by commercial airlines.

What are live animals aviation?

Live animal transport is a complex, high-touch process involving everyone from the shipper to freight forwarders to airline staff, including the handlers. Inappropriate container use or misunderstanding carrier or government regulations can have catastrophic consequences.

Can you FedEx live animals?

FedEx Express does not accept live-animal shipments as part of its regular-scheduled service and does not transport household pets such as dogs, cats, birds and hamsters.

How do you ship live reptiles?

Things Typically Required to Properly Ship Your Reptiles Insulated Shipping Box with foam insulation (3/4″ thick insulation is highly recommended). Deli Cups and/or Cotton Reptile Bags. Heat Pack or Cold Pack. Fill material (crumpled newspaper, paper towels, foam peanuts, etc).

How can I fly my pet for free?

Federal regulations allow a legitimate emotional support animal, whether it be a dog, a cat, a pot-bellied pig or even a miniature horse in one case, to travel on airplanes in the cabin with the owner, outside of a carrier, and for free if the owner has proper documentation, which means a letter from a doctor or other …

How much does it cost to ship a pet by air?

Example Estimate: Flying one small dog (like a Chihuahua) domestically via cargo with a pet-friendly airline, will likely cost between $275 USD to $300 USD. Larger dogs’ airfreight (like a Great Dane) can go up to around $1000 USD for a domestic move, especially if you have a custom kennel.

Can I ship a live animal?

Do airlines provide live animal stickers?

Live animal stickers are required by the International Air Transport Association for airline cargo pet travel. Stickers include LIVE ANIMAL stickers (plain and directional), animal stickers, shipper declarations, colored circles for IATA airport codes.

Do I need a licence to transport livestock?

Anyone transporting animals on journeys of more than 65 km as part of an economic activity must hold a valid transporter authorisation to do so. There are two types of authorisation: type 1. A short journey authorisation for journeys longer than 65 km and up to and including eight hours duration.