How do you test for HypeDrop?

How do you test for HypeDrop?

Customer identification and verification (KYC) A copy of your passport, ID card or driving license, each shown alongside a handwritten note mentioning Please note that all four corners of the ID has to be visible in the same image and all details has to be readable.

What is hype drop?

At HypeDrop, we provide you with the chance to receive a premium item at a fraction of the price. Imagine paying $70 for a Rolex that could have set you back $11,000. Or $500 for a brand new Lamborghini! Ask yourself, how hyped would you feel? Well, with HypeDrop, you don’t have to imagine!

How old do you have to be to play HypeDrop?

By visiting, accessing, and/or using any part of HypeDrop, you certify to us that (a) you are eighteen (18) years of age or older, and are at least the age of majority in your jurisdiction, (b) you have the legal capacity to enter into and agree to these Non-EU Terms of Service, (c) you are using the Services freely.

Who owns hype drop?

Yiqi Tay – Co
Yiqi Tay – Co-Owner – Hypedrop | LinkedIn.

Do you get the items from HypeDrop?

We often get comments from new users asking us if HypeDrop actually does deliver on unboxed items. We get it, since sometimes the high-end products from the lower-priced boxes might seem a bit too good to be true. But the short answer is that yes, we do deliver – and the long answer is one you’re about to find out.

Can you withdraw from HypeDrop?

With HypeDrop, there’s always a chance to win. Crypto Withdrawal – You can even withdraw the value of your unboxed item in crypto currency, to your dedicated crypto wallet. And if you want to top up your account, you can do so with crypto too.

How long do HypeDrop withdrawals take?

Processing usually takes three working days, but can occasionally take up to a couple of weeks. We know you’re eager to receive your item, so we try to work as fast as we can!

Can you make money on HypeDrop?

To really make a profit from HypeDrop, it’s up to you to use the information we’ve given you and start looking at the profit potential from each box, along with the chance of unboxing each individual item within.

Can u withdraw money from HypeDrop?

How much does it cost to get level 100 on HypeDrop?

When you get to Level 100, your guaranteed Daily Free Box comes in at a minimum of $90. Your Daily Free Boxes renew every 24 hours, and cost $0 to open. If you want to climb levels faster, to unlock more of our Daily Free Boxes, you can buy XP via your profile.

How long does HypeDrop take to ship?

On average, shipping times range from two days to one month, and we’ll also provide a tracking link so you can monitor your item’s journey. But if you don’t receive this immediately, it’s nothing to worry about; it’s most likely because we’re getting your goods authenticated first.

How long is crypto withdrawal Hypedrop?

How much does it cost to get level 100 on Hypedrop?

How long do Hypedrop withdrawals take?

How long is crypto withdrawal HypeDrop?

How does HypeDrop battle work?

When the opponents in, the battle begins. You’ll each receive one product per round (as determined by our provably fair method), and the user that collects the highest unboxed value at the end of the battle will claim the contents from both.

How do you get free XP on HypeDrop?

Don’t Forget Your Daily Free Boxes XP is your ticket to levelling up on HypeDrop, and for every 10 levels you climb, a new Daily Free Box will unlock. With each milestone, our Daily Free Boxes get bigger and better, giving you a chance to unbox some of the most prestigious products HypeDrop has to offer.

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