How does an elastomeric infusion pump work?

How does an elastomeric infusion pump work?

Elastomeric pumps use pressure to infuse medication. This pressure is created by an elastomeric layer which is molded into the inside of the pump. When the elastomeric pump gets filled, the elastomeric layer becomes stretched. The elastic constriction then drives the liquid that is present through the tubing.

What is an elastomeric reservoir pump?

CLINICIAN GUIDE. Page 2. Portfolio Overview: Baxter Elastomeric Pumps are non-electronic medication pumps designed to provide ambulatory infusion therapy. Medication is delivered to the patient as the elastomeric “balloon” consistently deflates and gently pushes solution through the IV tubing and into the catheter/port …

How do you sleep with an infusion pump?

When sleeping, you may place the pump under your pillow. Do not place it on the floor. Always check to see that the pump and tubing are near each other. This will stop the tubing from being pulled and coming apart from the IV or pump.

How do you initiate an infusion using an IV elastomeric pump?

Remove the cap on the Elastomeric Pump IV tubing. Unclamp the tubing on the medicine ball (Elastomeric Pump) to ensure there is no air in the line and that it works properly. 3. Attach the Elastomeric IV tubing to your IV line and infuse the medication as directed.

Can you shower with chemo pump?

Avoid activities that can raise or lower your body temperature. This can make the chemotherapy flow too fast or too slowly. Don’t put heating pads, electric blankets, or hot water bottles directly on your pump. Don’t take hot or very cold showers or baths.

How big is a chemo pump?

2. Chemotherapy pumps are fairly simple to carry. Some patients are very concerned when they first find out they’ll need to be wearing a chemotherapy pump for a few days. But the pump itself is only about the size of a smart phone, just a little thicker and heavier.

How do you know when elastomeric pump is done?

Your infusion is finished when the balloon is completely deflated (see Figure 5). Continuous infusion with a pump usually takes about 48 hours.

Are elastomeric pumps reusable?

Is the device reusable? No, it should only ever be used once and then be disposed of by your nurse. The Hospital at Home Team will bring a new device every 24 hours. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Hospital at Home Team on one of the following numbers.

How do you sleep with a chemo pump?

Place the Dosi-Fuser® under or next to your pillow, or on a bedside chair or table, when sleeping. You may use the Dosi-Fuser® clip to secure the pump to your pillow case. Do not place under your bedcovers during sleep. Do not sleep with the pump or fanny pack attached to your body.

Can I shower with chemo pump?