How far in advance can I book Thalys?

How far in advance can I book Thalys?

4 months
You may book your Thalys ticket up to 4 months before your departure date. However, technical or operational constraints as well as promotional campaigns can shift the sale to 3 months before your departure date.

What is the Thalys train?

Thalys, the fastest way to travel between France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

What is CLUB 2 Thalys seating?

“Club-4” and “Club-2” are the names for table seating in Comfort 1 (first-class) cars. Normal seat pairs are called “Duo” seats. These women share a table in Comfort 2, or second class.

What is Club 2 on Thalys train?

Are there bathrooms on Thalys trains?

All Thalys trains come with free WiFi, in Comfort and Premium there is WiFi+ which is of better quality. There are charging sockets throughout the train. Toilets are located in every carriage with disabled toilets spread evenly though-out the train.

What does Club 2 mean in Thalys?

“Club-4” and “Club-2” are the names for table seating in Comfort 1 (first-class) cars. Normal seat pairs are called “Duo” seats.

What is the difference between first and second class on Thalys?

The one major difference between first and second class is meal service at your seat. Not all first class reservations offer a meal service, yet it can be expected on premier operators such as Eurostar, Thalys, and Lyria.

How do I select my seat on Thalys?

When selecting your train, you can click on “Seating preference” and indicate the place or type of seat you’d like to get assigned to. It is not possible to change your seat after your booking has been completed.

Is Thalys a high-speed train?

Traveling at speeds of 300 km per hour, the Thalys high-speed train connects 17 cities across Western Europe. Thalys trains are well known for their efficient travel times and their excellent service.

Do I need to print Thalys ticket?

No need to print an email or take a ticket with you! With your smartphone, you can have a e-Ticket. In addition, the mobile site and the Thalys app enable you to access all of your e-Tickets reservations and traffic information for saved, upcoming journeys.

What is Kiosk seating on Thalys?

‘Besides’ (sometimes shown as ‘dual side by side’ or ‘duo’) means two seats side by side, facing the seat back of the seats ahead. Kiosk/lounge I think means the special area at the extreme ends of the train, don’t go for these, as the seats face inwards, and small windows mean a limited view out.

Is there a place to store luggage at Thalys?

Once on board, you can store your luggage in the dedicated storage space located at the entrance of each car or above the seats. Your luggage remains under your full responsibility and must be labelled with your name and surname.

How many bags can you take on a train in France?

two suitcases
You may bring one piece of hand luggage and up to two suitcases. There is no weight limit, but you must be able to carry your luggage yourself. The maximum dimensions for each piece of luggage are 75 X 53 X 30 cm.

Where is the Thalys station in Amsterdam?

All Thalys trains go to Amsterdam Schiphol International airport, so you can get there directly from France or Belgium. The station platforms are located under the terminal’s main hall.