How hard does a 7 mm 08 kick?

How hard does a 7 mm 08 kick?

A typical 140-grain 7mm-08 Remington round kicks 18.2 f-p at 12.9 fps. As a familiar benchmark to compare against, the 30-06 with a 180-grain bullet punches with about 28.6 f-p at 16.2 fps.

Which has more recoil 270 or 7mm-08?

270 Win rounds all show slightly more recoil energy than the 7mm-08 rounds.

Is 7mm-08 flat shooting?

The 7mm-08 premiered in the Remington 700, the Model 788, and the pump-action Model 7600. The round became popular with hunters who were ballistically inclined. It provides a somewhat soft shooting experience with a flat shooting cartridge.

Which is stronger 7mm-08 or 30 06?

We still see a higher bullet energy for the . 30-06 rounds at the 500-yard mark, but they cluster much tighter with the 7mm-08 rounds. We also see that all of the rounds except for one 7mm-08 round still have over 1, of force at this range.

How accurate is a 7 mm 08?

Like the . 308 Winchester, the 7mm-08 can be seriously accurate, with most rifles at or inside of 1-MOA, and . 5-MOA is not out of the question. Rifles for the 7mm-08 are usually short, light and handy, and the cartridge makes a great choice for a mountain rifle.

What is a 7mm-08 rifle good for?

With the wide range of bullet weights available, the 7mm-08 is suitable for “varminting, game-hunting, Metallic Silhouette, and long-range shooting.” It is also suitable for plains game.” For long-range target and metallic silhouette shooting, the “plastic-tipped 162-grain A-Max has proven to be very accurate with a …

How much does a 7mm-08 drop at 400 yards?

2.8 inches
Average Bullet Drop (Inches) at Short Range From these numbers, we do see a slight advantage for the 7mm-08 Remington. It shows slightly less bullet drop than the . 308 Winchester from a half inch at 200 yards to 2.8 inches at 400 yards.

What is the best barrel length for 7mm08?

But I tend to opt for a 24″ barrel because the most affective powder in the 7mm-08 is ADI 2208 (Varget) and over the years, I have found that this powder can prefer a 24″ barrel to achieve full velocities in the 7mm-08 and . 308.

How much does a 7mm-08 drop at 300 yards?

Average Bullet Drop (Inches) at Short Range

Yards .30-06 Springfield 7mm-08 Remington
100 0 0
200 -3.71 -3.57
300 -13.67 -13.2
400 -31 -30

How many yards is a 7mm-08 Good For?

The 7mm-08 on average, has right around 100fps greater velocity than the . 308 from the muzzle to 200 yards. From 300 to 500 yards, the 7mm-08 still has the edge, but the difference has lessened….Average Velocity (ft/s)

Yards .308 Win 7mm-08
400 1946.5 2021.2
500 1775 1833.2