How long do you keep RefectoCil tint on for?

How long do you keep RefectoCil tint on for?

Leave on for 5-10 minutes. Remove by using cotton wool and water. If RefectoCil Blonde Brow has been previously used, the application time is shortened by 1-5 minutes, with RefectoCil Eyelash Curl it’s shortened to 2 minutes.

Can you mix RefectoCil Colours?

Graphite is also ideal for mixing with other RefectoCil colours. By mixing in graphite, the colour is made cooler and is therefore particulary recommended for colder colourings.

How can I lighten my tinted eyebrows?

Go to a beauty or hair salon and ask a stylist to apply facial bleach, which is first-aid-strength hydrogen peroxide, to your brows in order to lighten them. Your stylist will likely put a few drops of the bleach on a cotton pad, then lightly wipe your eyebrows with the pad to remove the tint.

When mixing chemical tint How much should you use?

Following the preparation instructions, mix the Intensive Colorant and Cream Developer using the 1:1 ratio. Apply the mixture to a small area behind the client’s ear or their inner forearm and allow to set for 2 minutes. Remove the mixture with a cotton pad moisturized with water.

How can I make my tint last longer?

Minimize chlorine exposure, sun, and oily eye makeup to prolong your tint. A lot of sun exposure can also fade your lashes, so wear sunglasses outside. Many clients combine a lash tint with a lash lift to enhance their results. Lifts last up to eight weeks long.

Do you need oxidant for RefectoCil?

Important note: Only the use of RefectoCil Oxidant guarantees the widely known perfect tinting results with RefectoCil tints. Therefore use RefectoCil Eyelash and eyebrow tints always with RefectoCil Oxidant 3% liquid or cream.

What ratio do you mix tint?

You should take the same amount of developer and color to make the proper dye. Both color and developer should be in a 50:50 ratio. Mix them well using a Brow and Lash tinting brush and your hair dye is ready.

How do I tint my eyebrows with RefectoCil?

Immediately before tinting mix 2cm of tint and 10 drops RefectoCil Oxidant liquid or 15-20 drops of RefectoCil Oxidant cream into a creamy paste. Afterwards apply to brows and lashes.

Do you have to mix RefectoCil?

Both color and developer should be in a 50:50 ratio. Mix them well using a Brow and Lash tinting brush and your hair dye is ready.

Why does my eyebrow tint not last?

For one, thinner eyebrows won’t be able to hold the tint for as long as thicker eyebrows. Sun exposure can also make the tint fade away faster as UV rays break up the chemical bonds that produce the tint’s colour. You can also accidentally wash the colour out of your brows if you sweat or wash your face a lot.

What can I use as a developer with RefectoCil?

RefectoCil Oxidant Developer Cream 100ml is formulated with hydrogen peroxide and helps to develop the colour of the RefectoCil’s range of eyebrow and lash tints.

Is hydrogen peroxide a RefectoCil?

Refectocil Oxidant 3% Liquid Hydrogen Peroxide is a stabilized Liquid developer (Hydrogen Peroxide) especially formulated to be used with Refectocil Eyelash & Eyebrow Tints. Recipe for mixing tint is 1/4″ tint and 3 – 6 drops of peroxide – MIX to a creamy (Frosting Like) consistency and apply to brows and lashes.