How many CarMax are in Houston?

How many CarMax are in Houston?

Visit us at 6 CarMax stores in Houston, Texas.

What forms of payment does CarMax accept?

CarMax stores accept cashier’s checks, certified checks, certified funds, cash, and debit cards. CarMax Car Buying Centers (locations that only buy cars) can accept cashier’s checks, certified checks, and certified funds.

Does CarMax accept credit cards for monthly payments?

Yes, Carmax accepts most major credit cards as a payment method! You can pay via ​​Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express when you use Carmax. They also accept checks and cash as payment methods.

How many CarMax stores are in Texas?

Visit us at 24 CarMax stores in Texas.

Can you counter offer CarMax?

The short answer, is No, you can’t negotiate with CarMax. As previously noted, the price you’re given as a buyer, and the appraised value as a seller, is fixed and unnegotiable. This is the one downside to buying or selling your car at any CarMax dealer.

Does CarMax have good financing?

If you’re looking for a no-haggle used car that you can buy online or at one of 220 brick-and-mortar stores, CarMax could be a good fit. It offers competitive starting rates through its own lending arm, CarMax Auto Finance, or one of its eight lending partners.

How to finance a car using CarMax?

Super Prime Credit (781 to 850)

  • Prime Credit (661 to 780)
  • Non-Prime Credit (601 to 660)
  • Subprime and Deep SubPrime Credit Tiers (<600)
  • Does CarMax buy used cars that are still financed?

    The trade-in value is good for one week. If you prefer, the trade-in value can be paid out on the spot. In fact, if you’re making payments on the car still, you could allow CarMax to handle the transfer process. You could also throw that money toward a down payment on another vehicle offered by CarMax.

    Is CarMax a trustworthy dealer?

    Yes, CarMax is a legitimate company that does what it says – it purchases your vehicle directly from you. While CarMax is an A+ score, it’s not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an overall score of 1.2 out of 5-star rating.