How many districts are in Upazila Khulna?

How many districts are in Upazila Khulna?

9 Upazilas
Khulna district consists of 4 thanas (Khan Jahan Ali Thana, Daulatpur Thana, Sonadanga Thana, Khalishpur Thana) under Khulna City Corporation Area and 9 Upazilas, municipalities (Pourashava), 68 Union Parishads and 1106 villages.

How many unions are there in Khulna division?

Educational institutions: university 7, college 310, medical college 2, law college 4, teachers training college 14, secondary school 1984, primary school 19112, kindergarten 77, satellite school 303, madrasa 2041, others 120….Khulna Division.

Other information Name of District Satkhira
Municipality 2
Ward 18
Mahalla 40
Union 79

What is the old name of Khulna?

Khulna was part of the ancient kingdoms of Vanga and Samatata. It became a part of the Sena dynasty during the 12th century reign of Ballala Sena, and formed part of the Bagri division of Bengal. The region was previous known as Jahanabad.

How many sub district are there in Khulna division?

Khulna district was established on 1882. It consists of 9 upazilas and 5 thanas, 71 union parishads, 2 municipalities, 47 wards, 188 mahallas, 747 mouzas and 1106 villages….Home | Khulna District.

Thana Sub-office Postcode
Phultala Phultala 9210
Sajiara Chuknagar 9252
Sajiara Ghonabanda 9251
Sajiara Sajiara 9250

Which is the largest division in Bangladesh?

Chittagong Division
Chittagong Division, officially known as Chattogram Division, is geographically the largest of the eight administrative divisions of Bangladesh.

How many Zilla are there in Bangladesh?

64 districts
The divisions of Bangladesh are divided into 64 districts or zila. The headquarters of a district is called a district seat (jela shodor). The districts are further subdivided into 492 sub-districts or upazila.

What is the capital of Khulna?

The Khulna Division (Bengali: খুলনা বিভাগ) is one of the eight and second largest divisions of Bangladesh….Khulna Division.

Khulna Division খুলনা বিভাগ
Founded by Government of East Pakistan
Capital Khulna
Largest City Khulna

What is special in Khulna?

Top Attractions in Khulna Division

  • Shait-Gumbad Mosque. Architectural Buildings • Religious Sites.
  • Fakir Lalon Shah’s Mazaar.
  • Sundarbans.
  • Shilaidaha Kuthibari-Rabindranath Tagore’s Residence.
  • Tomb of Khan Jahan Ali.
  • 1971: Genocide-Torture Archive & Museum.
  • Sat Gumbad Mosque.
  • Michael Madhusudan Dutta Memorial House.

Which district is in Khulna Division?

The Khulna Division is also divided into ten districts, namely the Khulna District, Satkhira District, Jessore District, Chuadanga District, Narail District, Bagerhat District, Magura District, Jhenaidah District, Kushtia District and the Meherpur District.

How many villages are there in Khulna division?

Khulna District

Area (sq km) Upazila Village
4395 9 1119

What is the biggest village in Bangladesh?

Village Baniyachong
Baniachong (Bengali: বানিয়াচং) is an upazila of Habiganj District in the Division of Sylhet, Bangladesh. Village Baniyachong is the biggest and the most populous village in Asia.

Who is the head of upazila?

Each upazila parishad (or council) has a chairman, a vice-chairman and a woman vice-chairman. All three are elected through direct popular election. Union parishad chairmen within the upazila are considered as the members of the porishod.

Which is the biggest village in Bangladesh?

When was the Khulna Division formed?

The division was formed in 1960. Khulna Division consists of the following ten districts (zilas), subdivided into 59 sub-districts (upazilas):

Which is the best school in Khulna Division?

Kushtia Zilla School, Kushtia is one of the best schools in Khulna division. In higher secondary level Kushtia Govt. College, Kushtia is playing the same role as KZS, and thus in Khulna division education level increasing day by day. Daily and weekly newspapers are published from Khulna Division, including:

Is Khulna a district in Bangladesh?

Khulna Division ( Bengali: খুলনা বিভাগ) is one of the eight divisions of Bangladesh. It has an area of 22,285 km 2 and a population of 15,563,000 at the 2011 Census (preliminary returns). Its headquarters is Khulna city in Khulna District .

What is the second largest religion in Khulna?

Hinduism is second largest religion in Khulna and about 17.3% of total population are Hindu,1.7% follow other religion like Christianity and Animism. Bengali and English is the widely spoken language in Khulna division like its counterparts.