How many games did the Cleveland Indians win in 1995?

How many games did the Cleveland Indians win in 1995?

The 1995 Cleveland Indians won 100 out of the 144 games, going 100-44. Absolutely crazy considering only two other teams in baseball history finished by winning 14 more games than the American Leagues second best team the Boston Red Sox and 10 more than the World Series Champion Atlanta Braves.

Who was the manager of the Cleveland Indians in 1995?

1995 Cleveland Indians season

1995 Cleveland Indians
Other information
Owner(s) Richard Jacobs
General manager(s) John Hart
Manager(s) Mike Hargrove

Who was the Indians shortstop?

Owen Miller
Amed RosarioAndrés GiménezErnie Clement
Cleveland Guardians/Shortstop

Who has the most wins as a Cleveland Indians manager?

MLB Tonight: Mike Hargrove His . 617 winning percentage is the best among all Cleveland managers, and his 216 games over . 500 outpaces Francona by a comfortable 72 contests. Lopez led Cleveland to a club-record 111 wins and an AL pennant in 1954.

How long has Terry Francona coached the Indians?

In 2013, Francona became Cleveland’s manager and led them to an American League pennant in 2016. He also led Cleveland to a 22-game win streak during the 2017 season, the second-longest in MLB history….

Terry Francona
Managerial record 1,792–1,528
Winning % .540

Who is the best shortstop for Cleveland Indians?

The most prolific power-hitting shortstop in Indians history is Francisco Lindor, who belted a position record 138 home runs from 2015 to ’20. He also holds the top three single-season marks among Indians shortstops (including a career-high 38 in 2018) and added a . 285 average, 191 doubles, and 99 steals.

Where is Omar Vizquel?

Chicago White Sox In December 2018 Vizquel was promoted to manage the White Sox’ Class AA team, the Birmingham Barons. In 2019 Vizquel was let go by the Barons after an incident between him and a male employee which resulted in an MLB investigation.

Is Terry Francona a Hall of Famer?

At the time Francona stepped aside on July 29, his record with the Indians was 723-568. Hall of Famer Lou Boudreau was the franchise leader in wins at 728-649….Terry Francona’s next milestone could draw Cleveland’s winningest manager closer to Hall of Fame.

Manager Tony LaRussa
Wins 2,821
Losses 2,434
Seasons 34
HOF 2014

Who manages Cleveland Guardians?

Terry FranconaCleveland Guardians / Manager

What’s wrong with Tito?

Francona, 62, has worn a walking boot all season as a result of a staph infection in his left big toe. He was away from the team for much of the 2020 season while dealing with gastrointestinal trouble and blood-clotting issues.

Is Tito Francona still alive?

February 13, 2018Tito Francona / Date of death

What is the 1995 Cleveland Indians team roster?

The 1995 Cleveland Indians team roster seen on this page includes every player who appeared in a game during the 1995 season. It is a comprehensive team roster and player names are sorted by the fielding position where the most number of games were played during the regular season. Every player’s name links to their career statistics.

Who was traded from the Indians in 1995?

July 27, 1995: David Bell, Rick Heiserman, and Pepe McNeal (minors) were traded by the Indians to the St. Louis Cardinals for Ken Hill. 6:36!

Who won the American League Championship Series in 1995?

Hershiser became the Most Valuable Player of the 1995 American League Championship Series against the Seattle Mariners, and he is the only player to win the League Championship series Most Valuable Player Award in both leagues. ^ “1995 Major League Baseball Season Summary”.

Who was the best pitcher for the Cleveland Indians in 2015?

The most outstanding pitcher for the Indians was their relief pitcher, José Mesa, who finished second in the voting for the American League ‘s Cy Young Award. Mesa pitched in 62 games; he led the league by being the finishing pitcher in 57 games, and he saved a league-leading 46 games, even though he pitched just exactly 64 innings.