How many species of bichir are there?

How many species of bichir are there?

They belongs to the genus Polypterus, which means ‘many wings’ – given due to their look. There are about 12 species in this genus recognized as Bichirs all from freshwater systems of tropical Africa. These are quite large and aggressive fish that requires large tanks.

What fish can live with a bichir?

Bichir Tank Mates

  • Oscar fish.
  • Flowerhorn cichlids.
  • African knife.
  • Clown Loaches.
  • Jack Dempsey fish.
  • Silver Dollar fish.

What is the most common bichir?

The Ornate Bichir (Polypterus ornatipinnis) is a very popular variety of the species, largely thanks to its pretty yellow patterned markings. The fish is also one of the larger aquarium varieties, reaching up to 24 inches in length.

How do you breed a bichir?

The female Bichir will deposit from 100 to 300 eggs during several days. She deposits several eggs each time, and the eggs are fertilized by the male when he cups his anal and caudal fins around the genital area of the female Bichir. The male takes the eggs, fertilizes them and they are then scattered over the plants.

Can Oscar and bichir live together?

While nowhere near as large as Peacock Bass, Oscars are still large predators so be careful when keeping them with smaller Bichirs. However any of the medium to large species are excellent tank mates. As South American natives Oscars prefer soft, slightly acidic water (pH 5.5-6.5).

Can bichir live with goldfish?

Tankmates for Bichirs And being so tolerant of a wide range of water conditions Bichirs can be kept in both soft and hard water aquariums. I recommend staying away from slow-moving fish with long fins, such as fancy Goldfish.

Are bichir eels?

Polypterus senegalus is commonly known as the dinosaur bichir, Senegal bichir, Cuvier’s bichir, grey bichir, dragonfish, or dinosaur eel. However, the last name is actually incorrect as this bichir species is still considered a fish, despite their long body.

How can you tell if a Bichir is male or female?

Sexes can be told apart by looking at the anal fins. Male bichirs would have a broader anal fin than the females. However, this is only true for mature males and not the young ones. Also, males seem to have thicker dorsal spines than the females, though normally, females tend to be larger than the males.

Can bichir live with Dojo loaches?

Registered. The bichir will eat anything it can fit into its mouth, and if it gets the pleco stuck in there it could be fatal for both fish. They’re pretty predatory. Even the dojos can be a bit territorial.