How much does Kantola training cost?

How much does Kantola training cost?

Kantola Training Solutions – Both Simplified and eLearning program packages require businesses to contact the company for a quote. Their online training, “Diversity and Inclusion – a Step by Step Guide,” sells for $350 for 25 users. This price includes both the manager and employee courses.

How long is Kantola training?

This will mostly depend on how quickly you can provide the information we need to prepare your account. Often we can have you training in 2 or 3 days.

What is kantola com?

Kantola is an innovative eLearning company focused on diversity, equity, & inclusion and harassment prevention. We are committed to helping organizations make their workplaces better, for everyone—through world-class training solutions that change perspectives, achieve compliance and elevate culture.

Is abusive conduct illegal?

Discrimination, harassment, and abusive conduct are unacceptable and unlawful in the American workplace.

Is Kantola bitter?

Teasle gourd or Kantola is available across most parts of India during monsoons. Some may know it is as kekrol, kakrol, bhat korola, kartoli or some other name, but one cannot deny the health benefits of this vegetable. It belongs to the bitter gourd family but is not as bitter in taste even with the skin on.

Is kakrol good for health?

The pulp and seeds of kakrol are rich in soluble fibre and carry laxative properties. They are good for our digestive system and hence prescribed for gastric ulcers, piles, and constipation. The fresh juice of spine gourd is good for high blood pressure.

Is Kantola good for health?

Spiny gourd also called kantola is a seasonal monsoon vegetable. It is a rich source of antioxidants and flavonoids. It has antilipid peroxidative properties, that prevent oxidation of fats, thus preventing fatty liver disease.

Is Kantola good for diabetes?

All plants of the Momordica or bitter gourd family are very effective in controlling diabetes. Hence, this vegetable helps in lowering blood sugar and controlling diabetes. Since Kantola is mostly available during monsoons, it must be used regularly to keep seasonal cough, cold and other allergies away.

How do you use Kantola?

  1. Wash and clean Kantola and trim top pointy part, then slice each kantola length wise into 4 pieces.
  2. Heat the oil in kadhai.
  3. Now add sliced onion and stir it for a mins, then add sliced kantola and mix it.
  4. Add turmeric, red chili powder, coriander powder, salt, stir it, cover it and cook for 10-15 mins on medium flame.

How do you deal with someone who is harassing you?

Start by telling the person that you don’t like the behavior and asking them to stop. If the harassment doesn’t let up, take measures such as involving the police and increasing your security. In some circumstances, you might need to file for a restraining order to keep your harasser away.