How much does Vasap cost in Virginia?

How much does Vasap cost in Virginia?

between $250 and $300
The cost for VASAP is between $250 and $300. You must also pay for the 20-hour course. Its cost is required to be reasonable and is approximately $100. If you have been granted a restricted license, you will have to pay the cost of installing an ignition interlock system and its monthly maintenance fee.

Can you take Virginia ASAP classes online?

Virginia prohibits online VASAP classes for DUI, Alcohol and Drug education and will not accept a certificate of completion from an online course.

How much do ASAP classes cost in Virginia?

The standard ASAP fee is $300 plus a $100 intervention fee. Additional fees may be charged for rescheduling appointments, returned checks, etc.

How long are Vasap classes in VA?

Once the VASAP program conditions are met, the DMV will be notified of completion. Most first-time offenders will attend classes consisting of a 20-hour education program that covers alcohol, drug, and substance abuse and how it relates to driving and health.

How much is intervention interview at Vasap?

Online registration – To enroll you may also pay the enrollment fee ($30.00 for Intervention Interview or $75.00 for Driver Improvement) online by clicking the payments tab found on the left side of this page. You must also return the appropriate enrollment form, found below, to the ASAP office.

How long is an intervention interview?

one hour
Typically, Early Intervention sessions are one hour in length.

What is a intervention interview at Vasap?

In turn the driver is notified by a letter from DMV that they are required to complete an Intervention Interview at a local certified VASAP office. The intervention educates the offender about the consequences of further charges and how to address the behaviors that have resulted in the offenses.

What is the intervention interview at Vasap?