How old is Kim So-eun?

How old is Kim So-eun?

32 years (September 6, 1989)Kim So-eun / Age

What happens to Ji Hoo at the end of Boys Over Flowers?

At the end of BOF, Ji Hoo is a friend and medical colleague of Jan Di and nothing else. Though jihoo loved jandi, she loves joon pyu so he just remains as her friend. Joon pyu proposes jandi and she accepts his proposal. Its just a 25 episode drama so you can watch it.

Who was Ga Eul in BOF?

Chu Ga-eul is portrayed by Kim So-eun in Boys Over Flowers (2009).

Who did Jan Di marry?

While Ji-hoo prays for Jan-di’s college admission, Jan-di prays for Ji-hoo’s eternal happiness. Wedding Pictures – This is one of my favorite moments in the show. Though it was not really a wedding, Ji-hoo still ended up being the first to take wedding pics with Jan-di.

Did Ji Hoo love Jan Di?

First Love – Last but not the least, Ji-Hoo is the one that Jan-di falls in love with first. It is only when she finds out that he is in love with Seo-Hyun does she let go of her first love. So, while Jun-pyo might have gotten her in the end, for Jan-di, Ji-hoo will always be her first love and soul mate.

Who is Jan-Di’s best friend?

She met her best friend Chu Ga-eul in kindergarten. Jan-di was protective of Ga-eul and saved her from bullies throughout elementary and middle school.

Who is Kim Bum’s wife?

On March 29, 2018, it was confirmed that Kim is in a relationship with actress Oh Yeon-seo.

Why does Jan Di end up with Ji Hoo?

Thanks to their common love for fishing, Jan-di gets to go sailing with Ji-Hoo. Kissing on lips – While on the same trip, when Jan-di goes to comfort a heartbroken Ji-Hoo, and begs him to be happy, because she cannot bear to see him unhappy, he ends up kissing her on her lips. This is Jan-di’s first kiss ever.

Are Kim Bum and Kim So-eul a couple?

The SoEul couple or, So Yi-jung, played by Kim Bum and Cha Ga-eul, played by Kim So-eun, successfully stole the attention of the audience. They are a couple idolized in the drama Boys Before Flowers.

Are so Yi-jung and Cha Ga-eul in a relationship?

In addition to Jan-di and Jun-pyo’s relationship, played by the very sweet Koo Hye-sun and Lee Min-ho, the pair So Yi-jung and Cha Ga-eul also get the attention of the audience. The beginning of how So-Jung and Cha Ga-eul get involved in a relationship starts when Yi-jung sees Ga-eul crying.

Why is Ga-eul angry at Yi-jung?

On Valentine’s Day, Ga-eul is angry because she thinks that Yi-jung just pretends to like her but she really likes him. One of the favorite scenes from So Yi-jung and Cha Ga-eul is where Yi-jung tries to kiss Ga-eul.