How old is the ngoma?

How old is the ngoma?

If the story of the ngoma lungundu can be linked to the 13th century Kebra Nagast narrative (as suggested by Von Sicard) it indicates that their tradition is at least 700 years old. If it is linked to the observance of al-Idrisi in 1150, the implica- tion is that their tradition could be 900 years old.

Where does ngoma come from?

The Ngoma, also known as the Drum of the Dead due to its relation to indigenous royal ancestor spirits, originated in the Eastern part of Africa, particularly Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Kenya and especially Uganda. The Baganda, the largest tribe in Uganda, continues many traditional uses of the Ngoma drum.

What is ngoma made of?

The ngoma are made of wood, which is covered with cow skin pegged on both ends, although you’ll also find tourist versions of these drums covered with zebra skins. Typically, they are played in groups of seven drums, each drum having its own voice and function within the ensemble.

What does a ngoma sound like?

The body style is a straight taper from top to base, both inside and outside dimension, similar to an extra-tall ashiko shape. The ngoma (n-go-mah) drum comes from the Congo and surrounding areas, and produces a sound similar to the conga or tumbadora drum.

What tribe is ngoma?

Ngoma is a surname of the Senga tribe, meaning: drum or dance. Ngoma is a surname of the Bemba tribe, meaning: traditional drum.

When was the balafon invented?

12th century
Origins of the Balafon The Balafon is believed to have been developed in the 12th century in the Southern Africa region during the rise of the Mali Empire.

Is ngoma a Membranophone?

Ngoma is a single-headed membranophone of the Shona peoples of Zimbabwe; two ngoma are often performed together by a single drummer (gallery #2).

What is the African name for a thumb piano?

The thumb piano, or mbira – a name derived from Shona language of Zimbabwe – is uniquely African percussion instrument.

What is the meaning of the word ngoma?

noun. (in East Africa) a dance; a night of dancing and music. ‘traditional ngoma, incorporating music, dance, and drama’

What is ngoma dance?

Ngoma is a famous Ngoni dance, it is a “war” dance. done by the Ngoni warriors back in the days to. symbolize victory after conquering their enermies. Happening right now at the ongoing Agriculture. commercial show grounds.

Why is balafon important?

The balafon, as well as the kora, was used to create music in praise of the kings and for ceremonies of importance.

What is the history of the balafon?

Origins of the Balafon The Balafon is believed to have been developed in the 12th century in the Southern Africa region during the rise of the Mali Empire. It has entertained crowds throughout the history of Southern and West Africa, growing in popularity across the African continent.

What country did the kalimba originate?

Origins/History/Evolution The indigenous kalimba that served as the inspiration of the instrument discussed here is thought to have been invented in Zimbabwe around 1,000 years ago.

How is the ngoma drum played?

Ngoma can be played with either sticks or hands, or a combination of the two. From tall, slender instruments played standing to wide, short drums that produce an incredible resonant bass sound, ngoma come in various sizes, and can be played singly or in pairs.

What are the traditional dances in Kenya?

Some of the dances you can experience include the impressive Maasai Eunoto dance, the Kikuyu Circumcision dance, the spectacular Chuka drummers, Coastal Sengenya and Gonda dances, Swahili Taarab, NubiDholuka dance and many more.

How does a balafon work?

The balafon is amplified by small gourds underneath the keys, with small layers of film covering holes to create a unique buzzing sound. Some people say it sounds like an electric keyboard! One hand typically plays the lower half, and the other hand plays the upper half.

What is the classification of balafon?

The Mandinka balafon, also called the bala or the balphone, is a kind of idiophone (an instrument which creates sound by vibrating). In the West, instruments like this are called xylophones.

What is the role of the balafon?

The Balafon: instrument of kings It was once an instrument only played for kings. It was fixed into the ground over holes to help the sound reverberate. It is made portable now through the use of gourds (pictured) which serve as the resonators. Every king had to have a Griot as his advisor.

What country is kalimba from?

the Republic of South Africa
This kalimba is a lamellaphone idiophone inspired by indigenous Bantu African instruments and manufactured in the Republic of South Africa. The indigenous kalimba is used mostly for personal entertainment or dance music, but can also be played in bira spirit possession ceremonies.