How prestigious is Sciences Po Paris?

How prestigious is Sciences Po Paris?

Sciences Po is regarded as one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning, a reputation bolstered among the international community as well. French students endure years of preparation for the entrance exam and once accepted their future seems set.

Where do Sciences Po students come from?

49% of Sciences Po students come from outside France “ Sciences Po is a unique university for its teachers, its values, its history, its students and its diversity. We are all so different and yet each of us finds our own place here.

Why did you choose SciencesPo?

“I applied to SciencesPo because it offers an excellent multidisciplinary program in social sciences,” Polina says. “The program fitted perfectly – I’ve always wanted to study law, but did not want to specialize from the very beginning.

Which Sciences Po courses are taught in English?

The PhD degree in Economics at the Sciences Po School of Research is taught in English. One-year Master’s programmes at Sciences Po deliver an intensive curriculum designed for young professionals seeking to take their career to the next level. These programmes are taught in English on the Sciences Po campus in Paris.

Where can I find recommended course material at Sciences Po?

It is conveniently located on the Paris campus and its comprehensive stock reflects the disciplines studied at Sciences Po. Here, students can find the recommended course material, which often includes works by Sciences Po’s own professors and researchers. Alternatively, students can visit the website.

What is a Sciences Po exchange certificate?

What is the Sciences Po Exchange certificate? Exchange students can complete a “Certificate of Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities.” To earn the certificate, students must take a full course load of five courses, including one lecture course.

Where is Sciences Po located?

Where is Sciences Po? Sciences Po is present today in seven French cities: Dijon, Le Havre, Menton, Nancy, Paris, Poitiers, Reims. These seven campuses are located in cities boasting exceptional historical and cultural heritage.

Does Sciences Po require GRE?

Specific documents One of the following documents may also be required depending on the programme: Professional reference. GRE. GMAT.

What is Sciences Po acceptance rate?

10% (2010)Sciences Po / Acceptance rate

How competitive is Sciences Po masters?

With 170 admitted in 2020, the Equal Opportunity Programme has welcomed 2,264 students in the 20 years since its launch. As a whole, 2,195 students were admitted to Sciences Po, compared with 1,960 admitted in 2019, which makes a selectivity rate of 20% (compared with 18% in 2019).