How to contact Massachusetts Attorney General?

How to contact Massachusetts Attorney General?


  1. Speak with a Consumer Specialist (617) 727-8400.
  2. Call us in Boston (617) 727-2200.
  3. Call us in New Bedford (508) 990-9700.
  4. Call us in Springfield (413) 784-1240.
  5. Call us in Worcester (508) 792-7600.

What does US Attorney for Ma do?

The U.S. Attorney oversees hundreds of cases each year, with more than 200 attorneys, paralegals and professional staff in Boston, Springfield and Worcester, and engages local communities on issues such as civil rights, violence prevention, and drug addiction.

Where is Maura Healey from?

Bethesda, MDMaura Healey / Place of birth (Walter Reed National Military Medical Center)Bethesda is an unincorporated, census-designated place in southern Montgomery County, Maryland, United States, located just northwest of Washington, D.C. It takes its name from a local church, the Bethesda Meeting House, which in turn took its name from Jerusalem’s Pool of Bethesda. Wikipedia

Who is the current US attorney for Massachusetts?

Rachael S. Rollins
United States Attorney Rachael S. Rollins is the United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts. Nominated by President Joseph R.

Who is the DA in Massachusetts?

Rachael Splaine Rollins
Rachael Splaine Rollins (born March 3, 1971) is an American lawyer and politician who is the United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts. Rollins was formerly Suffolk County District Attorney in Massachusetts, which includes the municipalities of Boston, Chelsea, Revere, and Winthrop.

Where is Martha Coakley?

Coakley resides in Medford, Massachusetts. She is married to retired police Deputy Superintendent Thomas F. O’Connor Jr.

Who is the new Attorney General of Massachusetts?

Maura Healey
The current Attorney General is Maura Healey….Massachusetts Attorney General.

Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Term length 4 years, no limit
Constituting instrument Constitution of Massachusetts
Formation 1702

Who is the district attorney in MA?