How wide should a desk drawer be?

How wide should a desk drawer be?

Lower drawers should be at least 12″ wide in order to hold a standard piece of paper (letter size) lengthwise. A drawer over the knee space can usually be no more than 4 inches deep because of limiting space between the work surface and the person’s knees.

How long and wide should a desk be?

For instance, the standard size of a floating office desk is 29 inches to 30 inches in height, 48 inches to 72 inches in width, and 24 to 36 inches in depth. On the other hand, if you are looking for a desk against the wall, the standard desk dimensions may be around 56 inches to 66 inches.

How wide should a desk be?

There is not really a standard desk width, although they usually have taller legs that are around 30 – 32 inches to match their height. Depth is around 18 – 22 inches. Height is similar to the length at between 30 – 32 inches.

What is a standard office desk size?

The standard computer desk has 50 inches in width, a height of 28-30 inches, and a desk depth of 25 inches. The depth of the desk should be generous enough to fit a computer monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse.

How wide are most desks?

What are large desks called?

An executive desk is large enough for working on complex tasks. Often, executive desks have a large rectangular working space and underneath there’s ample room to sit and, on either side, there are several drawers and cabinets for hidden storage.

Where is the best place to put a desk in a room?

A properly placed desk Place your desk as close to a natural light source as possible. You should also place your desk as close to a natural light source as possible. Some like to face the window, but if that proves too distracting, put the desk perpendicular to it.

How many drawers are in a large wooden desk?

This large wooden office desk includes three drawers, three shelves, and six cubbies. Its easy-to-use T-lock assembly system is also perfect for those who want to install the desk themselves. This large wooden office desk includes three drawers, three shelves, and six cubbies.

Are drawers a good idea for an office desk?

Drawers make a great addition to any office desk, as they allow you to store your important supplies in an easy-to-access location. Read our review on the best office desk with drawers to learn about our top picks that include shapes, sizes, and styles to fit all needs.

What is the difference between a file drawer and box drawer?

The desk’s file drawer opens on smooth full-extension ball-bearing slides for easy access to legal and letter size documents, while a box drawer keeps the office supplies and utensils you need close by.

What is a good height for a desk?

A few general guidelines for a good desk height are: When sitting down, the desk should reach up to your elbows. You should be able to comfortably rest your arms on the surface in a roughly 90-degree angle. Underneath the desk, you should have roughly 35-40 cm from the top of your knees to the bottom of the desk.