Is Christian allowed in Pakistan?

Is Christian allowed in Pakistan?

Conversion to other faiths than Islam is not prohibited by law, but culture and social pressures do not favour such conversions. Muslims who change their faith to Christianity, are subject to societal pressure.

How many Christian communitys are there in Pakistan?

1.64 million Christians
As of 2018, there are 3.63 million non-Muslim voters in Pakistan- 1.77 million were Hindus, 1.64 million Christians, 167,505 were Ahmadi Muslims, 31,543 were Baháʼís, 8,852 were Sikhs, 4,020 were Parsis, 1,884 were Buddhist and others such as Kalashas.

Is there Church in Afghanistan?

There is only one legally recognized Christian church building in Afghanistan, the Catholic chapel at the Italian Embassy which has been operational since the 1930s.

Is there a caste problem in Pakistan?

They will insist that the caste-system is not Islamic and since the majority of them are Muslims, therefore, there is no caste problem in Pakistan. And that caste remains a problem only for Hindus on the other side of the border. Violence and fear owing to caste discrimination are awful.

What’s happening to Pakistan’s religious minorities?

According to the Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies, there were approximately 1,200 sectarian killings in 2013 and more than 80 Christians were killed in a double suicide bombing at a church in Peshawar. These string of attacks on religious minorities as well as a rise in kidnappings have escalated a sense of insecurity in these communities.

Does the caste system have a future in a Muslim society?

The caste system derives its religious approval under Hinduism, Essentially, it bears no future in an industrializing Muslim society where castes are duly replaced by classes. Read Also: CELEBRITIES & GLAMOURFamous Pakistani Actors Who Have Lit Up Our TV And Cinema Screens

What is the Jutt caste in Pakistan?

Jutt The Jutt people are a traditionally agricultural community in Northern Pakistan, majorly found as landowners. History portrays the Jutt as a brave, courageous and loyal caste, mostly settled in rural areas. Locals believe that marrying in this caste comes with disturbing peace and serenity within your household.