Is coledale a good place to live?

Is coledale a good place to live?

Coledale is an ideal summer destination as it has two good beaches – Coledale and Sharky’s – and it is rarely overrun by crowds. The appeal is obvious. Both beaches are long, have plenty of parking space and are edged by rock platforms. The main beach has a grassy verge which is ideal for picnics.

How many people live in Coledale?

In the 2016 Census, there were 1,260 people in Coledale.

Where is Coledale beach?

Coledale Beach is located 18 kilometres north of the Wollongong central business district. This beach is only patrolled from the commencement of the NSW school holidays in September until the end of the NSW April school holidays. North Wollongong Beach is the only beach in the area that is patrolled all year round.

What suburb is the Sea Cliff Bridge?


Sea Cliff Bridge
Locale Coalcliff, Illawarra, New South Wales, Australia
Begins Coalcliff
Ends Clifton
Other name(s) Lawrence Hargrave Drive Bridge

Is Bulli a safe suburb?

Our experience has been that Bulli is a very safe place to live too.

How do you walk on the Sea Cliff Bridge?

The Sea Cliff Bridge Trail Head Find parking on the Clifton side and walk towards the bridge. Heading north on the bridge on the left side of the road you will see a white sign with black writing with “Sea Cliff bridge” written in it. In front of this sign there is a small parking bay.

Is warrawong a nice place to live?

What a great suburb is Warrawong! It is a beautiful area looking out over Lake Illawarra, the people are really friendly with a great community atmosphere. The shopping is awesome with a Westfield and a great range of shops including cinemas. It has a wonderful multicultural feel.

Is Thirroul a nice place to live?

An hour south of Sydney, Thirroul is a seaside suburb that’s known for its stunning beaches and laid-back lifestyle. It’s the ultimate in coastal living away from the crowds of the city, and its palm tree-lined streets, parks and neighbourly vibe make going home feel like a holiday.