Is Harmony Hub discontinued?

Is Harmony Hub discontinued?

In April 2021, Logitech announced that it was discontinuing all universal remote controls, including the Harmony Hub. The company officials stated they wanted to focus on the core business of computer mice and keyboards, which were flourishing in the work-from-home environment of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What does the Harmony Hub do?

To put it simply, the Harmony Hub works by connecting itself to a remote control. For example, you’re going to use your phone as the remote. The Harmony Hub will connect itself to your phone via Bluetooth, infrared, or Wi-Fi to send and receive signals. This can also be called “pairing”.

Do you need a Harmony Hub for each TV?

“Technically” Yes… The Condition is: The tv in the Other room has to have “Line of Sight” to the Harmony hub, and you need an IR Blaster, to Receive the Signal, So it’s actually a SUPER COMPLICATED setup, But a better Idea to just buy 2x Hubs…

Do I need a hub with Harmony remote?

Devices controlled using Bluetooth wireless technology, such as the PlayStation 4 must be controlled using the hub. The Harmony Companion and Harmony Smart Control remotes do not have IR emitters and rely on the hub and IR mini blaster(s) for all IR control.

Does Logitech bring back Harmony?

Logitech has discontinued its Harmony range of universal remotes. No new products will be produced, and once existing inventory is gone, it’s gone. The brand says it will continue to support existing products (opens in new tab) as long as customers are using them, but to what degree will be interesting to see.

How many phones can connect to Harmony Hub?

The Harmony Hub only allows 8 entertainment devices per hub, but also allows you to add home devices such as Hue LIghts.

Is Harmony out of business?

How many devices can Harmony Hub control?

eight devices
The Hub can support up to eight devices total, and chances are you won’t be able to stump it: Logitech claims compatibility with a whopping 270,000 home entertainment and smart home devices, and I couldn’t find any home entertainment devices that the Hub didn’t support.

Can Harmony Hub control two tvs?

Can Harmony Hub control devices in different rooms?

The Hub is designed to flood a space with IR signals, so it can control all of the devices in a room. However, it only floods a single space. If you want to control anything that is in another room, or if you want to put the Hub in an enclosed space like a closet, then the Hub can’t ‘reach’ it.

Do I need a Harmony Hub for each TV?

A: You might want to do it through the original tv set remote. Faster and easier. A: Yes, each TV location with it’s own hub. You can use a single tablet to control either of them by switchin to another hub.

Can harmony hub control two tvs?