Is it mandatory to return a value from procedure?

Is it mandatory to return a value from procedure?

According to that syntax it is mandatory. But your returning value can be just static varchar and not coming from your query result. Or even NULL if you don’t return anything from your procedure.

Can we use return statement in procedure?

You can use one or more RETURN statements in a stored procedure. The RETURN statement can be used anywhere after the declaration blocks within the SQL-procedure-body. To return multiple output values, parameters can be used instead. Parameter values must be set before the RETURN statement runs.

Which type of procedure returns a value after calling it?

Function procedure
A Function procedure returns a value to the calling code either by executing a Return statement or by encountering an Exit Function or End Function statement.

How can I get return values and output values from a stored procedure with EF core?

Get a SQL Server stored procedure return value with EF Core

  1. var parameterReturn = new SqlParameter { ParameterName = “ReturnValue”, SqlDbType = System.Data.SqlDbType.Int, Direction = System. Data.
  2. var result = db.
  3. var procs = new NorthwindContextProcedures(db); var returned = new OutputParameter(); await procs.

Which parameter used to return values in procedure?

Point to Remember: An output parameter in a Stored Procedure is used to return any value.

Does procedure returns a value in Java?

Calling Stored Procedures Stored procedures do not have a return value but can take a list with input, output, and input-output parameters.

What is returned by the ExecuteSqlRaw () when used to execute a stored procedure?

When calling any data modification stored procedure use the ExecuteSqlRaw() method on the Database property of your DbContext object. This method returns an integer value of the number of rows affected by the statement in that stored procedure.

How do I pass a parameter to a stored procedure in Entity Framework?

In that case, your steps are:

  1. go to your EF model (*. edmx file) in the designer.
  2. right-click and select Update Model from Database.
  3. pick the stored procedure you want to use and go through the wizard.

When executing a command parameters must be?

When executing a command, parameters must be exclusively database parameters or values.