Is JM de Guzman and Arci Munoz together?

Is JM de Guzman and Arci Muñoz together?

Sorry, netizens, but Arci Muñoz and JM De Guzman aren’t dating in real-life. On Instagram yesterday, April 4, the “Last Fool Show” actress shared a photo of her at the beach with her family. Together with them on their trip was her showbiz best friend JM De Guzman.

Is Arci and JM in a relationship?

Arci Muñoz and JM de Guzman’s fans thought the actors have taken their relationship to the next level after years of being each other’s best friend — but it turned out that it was all a joke.

Did Arci and JM split?

We are still best friends. Best friends forever,” she said. JM and Arci last worked together in the Star Cinema film “Last Fool Show” and the Kapamilya series “Pamilya Ko.” JM admitted in 2020 that he had a crush on Arci way back during their college days but the actress said she did not want to risk their friendship.

How old is Arci Muñoz?

33 years (January 12, 1989)Arci Muñoz / Age

How tall is Arci Munoz in feet?

5′ 9″Arci Muñoz / Height

Who is Ramonathornes?

Filipino actor Arci Muñoz, also known as Ramona Thornes, has bought a piece of land for Jungkook in Scotland.

Where does leody de Guzman live?

Leody is married to Marieza Tolentino with three children: Prolan, Lea, and Dexter. He currently resides in Cainta, Rizal.

Is De Guzman a Filipino name?

Guzmán (also de Guzmán) (Spanish: [ɡuðˈman] or [ɡuzˈman]) is a Spanish surname. The Portuguese language equivalent is Gusmão.

What does Guzman name mean?

good man
A descendant of Guzmán (good man), a lord or nobleman. It could also indicate a cadet or noble who served in the military. A habitational surname from de Guzmán, or “of Guzmán,” derived from the village of Guzmán (es) in the province of Burgos, Spain.

What is the height of Ellen Adarna?

5′ 1″Ellen Adarna / Height

Who gave Jungkook land in Scotland?

actor Arci Muñoz
BTS member Jungkook, who celebrated his 24th birthday earlier this month, has received a gift from Filipino actor Arci Muñoz, also known as Ramona Thornes. However, the gift is all the way in Scotland, as it is one square foot of land. Taking to Instagram, Arci shared a post in which she posed with a statue of Cooky.

Is Arci Munoz from up?

She is the vocalist of the Filipino rock band Philia and currently serving in the Philippine Air Force as a Sergeant….

Arci Muñoz
Born Ramona Cecilia Datuin Muñoz 12 January 1989 Quezon City, Philippines
Alma mater University of the Philippines
Occupation Actress model singer dancer
Years active 2005–present

How old is leody Guzman?

62 years (July 25, 1959)Leody de Guzman / Age

Where did Leody de Guzman study?

PMI CollegesLeody de Guzman / Education