Is Maxxis Detonator fast rolling?

Is Maxxis Detonator fast rolling?

“The Maxxis Detonator is not the fastest tyre around, but it’s reasonably fast and impressively long-wearing.

What are the different Maxxis compounds?

Maxxis offers three different configurations of our 3C Triple Compound mountain technology: Maxx Speed, Maxx Terra and Maxx Grip.

Are folding tires better?

They have a higher TPI, lower weight, and better traction than traditional road tires. They also offer great portability. That said, folding tires tend to cost more than most other tire types.

What does exo mean for Maxxis tires?

“EXO is an extremely cut-resistant and abrasion-resistant material added to the sidewalls. This densely woven fabric is also lightweight and highly flexible, ensuring that the performance of the tire remains unaffected.

What is a good TPI for MTB tires?

60 tpi
A 60 tpi casing is a good compromise between robustness and rolling resistance, and is common in gravity applications. DH tires typically use two plies of 60tpi casing to handle the abuse and loading encountered on the trail at higher speeds with lower inflation pressures.

What’s the difference between 60 TPI and 120 TPI?

The higher 120 TPI casing is lighter, thinner and will be able to better conform to the shape of the terrain. However, the 60 TPI casing is more resistant to puncture, abrasions and cuts. The different tires of casings are (in order from lightest to heaviest):

What does exo mean on Maxxis?

What makes the Maxxis detonator special?

The Maxxis Detonator, with its dual compound tread pattern, provides a durable training tire with a race pedigree. Softer silica compound on the outer edges of the tire allows for great traction Silkworm is an exclusive material incorporated into the casing of select models, increasing puncture and tear resistance.

What is the Maxxis overdrive?

The Maxxis Overdrive was created to meet the demands of the European trekking market, the Overdrive has a grooved slick design for all-weather application, as well as Kevlar? belt technology to provide excellent protection from encounters with road debris

What compound options does Maxxis offer?

Listed below are some of the popular compound offerings from Maxxis. Dual Compound – for Maxxis, dual compounds might not be the main rubber offering in most tires, but it’s found in tires where you are looking to minimize wear. This has the added benefit of decreasing rolling resistance.

Is the Maxxis dissector a good tire for a minion DHF?

It would be a great rear tire to a Minion DHF, Minion DHRII or Assegai up front. Check out our first impressions video on the Maxxis Dissector tire here: [Video] Maxxis Dissector – The BRAND NEW Tire From Maxxis (First Ride & Overview)