Is Shakira ever coming back to The Voice?

Is Shakira ever coming back to The Voice?

ET’s Brooke Anderson caught up with the 40-year-old singer in New York City last week, where she opened up about her time on the show — and revealed why she won’t be doing it again. “No, I wouldn’t [go back], because it’s so hard to be away from my family,” Shakira confessed.

Is Shakira a good vocalist?

Though, it’s worth remembering her singing voice is very different from that of other pop musicians. According to vocal experts, Shakira’s blend of contralto notes, yodeling and melisma (singing multiple notes over one syllable of text) makes her one of the most accomplished vocalists of the modern era.

Did Shakira do The Voice?

When was Shakira on ‘The Voice’ and why did she leave? Shakira first appeared on the show for its fourth season in 2013. She served as a coach alongside Adam Levine, Usher, and Blake Shelton. She was also on the panel for the sixth season, which aired in 2014, but left to spend more time with her family.

Why is Shakira not on The Voice anymore?

Shakira. Reason for exit: In 2013, after her first season coaching, the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer told Access Hollywood she was “really struggling with the fact that I had to leave my nest with my little baby.” At the time, her son Milan was only 5 months old.

What’s wrong with Shakira’s voice?

Pop star Shakira has revealed that her vocal cord hemorrhage in 2017 pushed her into depression and made her a bitter, pessimistic person. Shakira had to postpone her El Dorado World Tour due to the vocal cord injury and the singer was told she needed to have a surgery, but she instead let it heal on its own.

What happened to Shakira’s voice?

“I felt an unusual hoarseness that prevented me from singing,” she told fans on her website. “The doctors detected that there had been a hemorrhage in my right vocal cord.” And despite vocal rest, the problem persisted and the tour had to be postponed.

How many seasons of voice did Shakira do?

Colombian singer and dancer Shakira coached on seasons four and six of “The Voice.” She didn’t win either season, and she doesn’t plan on returning to the show.

What happened to Shakira’s career when she was 18?

At age 18, Shakira started a charity For as much as Shakira has been a trailblazer in her own career, she’s also been a leader in her charitable works. Amazingly, she was only 18 years old when she founded her charity Pies Descalzos (Barefoot), which builds schools in needy regions in Colombia.

How much will Shakira make for the voice?

Shakira did pretty well for herself on Seasons 4 and 6 of The Voice. The Hollywood Reporter claimed she inked a deal-making $12 million per season when she replaced Christina. 14 of 15

Is Shakira Good at singing?

Shakira is known for her “unique and mesmerizing” singing voice which includes her “trademark” yodeling. Analyzing Shakira’s cover of ” Je l’aime à mourir “, vocal teacher Beth Roars also noted Shakira’s use of yodeling, explaining that there is “heaviness at the bottom of her tone” which “flips up” into “her head voice “, as well as her ability to execute “complex melisma “.

Can Shakira really sing?

Shakira can dance (only belly dnace and she can’t sing neither . She nothing but a bitch who does bellydancing and think she the best at it . You must be logged in to post. Please either login here, or if you are not registered, you may register here.

Does Shakira have a favorite song?

Waka Waka was her hit song from 2010, which was used as the official song for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Shakira shared, ” Waka Waka, because without that song my children may have never been born. ” Thanks to that song, Shakira was able to meet Gerard Piqué, the love of her life and the father of her two boys, Milan and Sasha.