Is there a MacBook Pro 17-inch?

Is there a MacBook Pro 17-inch?

The now-discontinued, yet still much beloved, 17-inch MacBook Pro was last updated in late 2011 and was discontinued by mid 2012. Eight years have passed, with all that entails technologically, between the end of the 17-inch MacBook Pro availability and the launch of the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Does Apple have 17-inch laptop?

The new 17-inch MacBook Pro includes a 2.16 GHz Intel Core Duo processor that delivers dual-core performance in a breakthrough power-efficient design, making it ideal for use in MacBook Pro’s thin and lightweight design.

What is the biggest size MacBook Pro?

Choose your size. The new MacBook Pro is available in 14- and 16-inch models. Each can be configured with the M1 Pro or M1 Max chip and offers unprecedented levels of pro performance.

What’s the biggest MacBook size?

What is the largest MacBook Pro?

16-inch MacBook Pro
The new 16-inch MacBook Pro (2021) is the first big-screen laptop with Apple silicon; the previous 16-inch MacBook Pro, released in 2019, packed an Intel processor.

When did Apple stop making 17-inch laptops?

Yes, Apple once sold a giant 17-inch MacBook Pro, which it discontinued in 2012. Five years on, it’s even easier to build a powerful laptop than it was back then. Bringing back an unapologetically big, beefy MacBook Pro 17 could be just what Apple needs to make its laptops great again. Here’s what we’d put in it.

Why are MacBook Pros so heavy?

The increased display size is the primary thing causing the new MacBook Pro to be a bigger and heavier machine than its predecessor, but the addition of more ports and a new keyboard aren’t making it any lighter.

Does Apple make a 17-inch laptop?

“The 17-inch MacBook Pro delivers the speed and screen area of a professional desktop system in the world’s best notebook design,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing.

What is the MacBook Pro 17-inch enclosure made of?

Waste is further minimized through the use of batteries that last up to three times longer than typical notebook batteries. The 17-inch MacBook Pro enclosure is made of aluminum and glass, materials highly desired by recyclers. The chart below details the materials used in this model.

What type of processor does the MacBook Pro have?

The MacBook Pro “Core i7” 2.66 17-Inch (Mid-2010) is powered by a 32 nm, dual-core 2.66 GHz Intel “Core i7”. I7-620M (Arrandale) processor, with dedicated 256k level 2 cache for each core and an 3 MB shared level 3 cache.

Where can I find global original prices for the MacBook Pro?

Global original prices for the MacBook Pro 17-Inch “Core 2 Duo” 2.5 (08) in 34 different countries and territories follow; organized alphabetically by region. For global original prices for Intel Macs in one particular country on a single page, please refer to’s Global Original Prices section.

What is the wireless test on the new MacBook Pro?

Wireless web testing conducted by Apple in October 2011 using preproduction 2.4GHz quad-core Intel Core i7–based 17-inch MacBook Pro units. The wireless web test measures battery life by wirelessly browsing 25 popular websites with display brightness set to 50%. Battery life varies by use and configuration.