Should I use 8 pin or 4 pin CPU?

Should I use 8 pin or 4 pin CPU?

Yes, you can use an 8 pin CPU power connector in a 4 pin CPU power socket if there is no obstruction for the four unused pins. The 4 and 8 pin have all 12V on one side and all ground on the other and both latch the same direction with the 12V towards the latch side.

Can you use a 4 pin power connector on a 8 pin motherboard?

If your power supply only has a 4-pin connector, it’s still quite likely that you can use it in an 8 pin port. If compatible then it will go in on “one side” of the 8-pin connector. This will likely give enough power, but beware over-clocking.

Do you need 8 pin CPU power connector?

The 4 pin is only necessary if you are doing extreme overclocking, such as LN2. Otherwise the 8 pin will provide all the power you will need.

How much power does an 8 pin connector provide?

150 watts
8-pin power connector can provide up to 150 watts.

What is ATX12V on motherboard?

This is the 4-pin connector which supplies electrical current to your CPU and is mandatory to connect in the motherboard provided you are not using the EPS12V connector which is explained below. The ATX12V 4-pin connector is used by a majority of processors be it Intel or AMD.

How many watts does a 8 pin connector provide?

How much power does a 8 pin EPS connector provide?

Single 6-pin connector allows 75W power delivery, and single 8-pin connector allows 150W power delivery. Since you need to power two 150W connectors it can draw up to 300W.

What are the 4 4 pin connectors for?

1. The P4 connector is a 12V power supply cable used with motherboards that have an Intel Pentium 4 or later processor. Today, the connector is a standard power connector and is used with both Intel and AMD motherboards.

What is a 4 4 EPS cable?

Yeah, pretty much. A 4+4-pin EPS can be used as a single 8-pin or split into two separate 4-pins. The 8-pin is just that— a single 8-pin EPS cable. Each of them attaches to the same type of socket connector on a modular PSU.

Is ATX and ATX12V the same?

But today, the name ATX and ATX12V are used interchangeably. Any new PSU you find for your system today will be an ATX12V no matter what they refer to it as. You can get a quick brush-up on the subject here.